Can You Fit A Glass Balustrade In Any Property?

Installing a glass balustrade will transform the look of your home or business premises. Such installations can be to balconies, patios, or areas of decking. All will have a visually-stunning and high-end finish. 

For outdoors use, our glass balustrades and Juliet balconies protect against the elements and help to create a truly modern exterior living area and finish for your property.

Residential Properties

  • Patio
  • Balcony
  • Stairs

Commercial Properties

  • Restaurants, Bars & Cafes
  • Offices and Office Blocks
  • Retail Shops

What if you are in a listed building?

If you want to renovate a listed building, you need to understand that the structure and internal features are protected. This means that all changes will need listed building consent and in some cases planning permission as well. Listed building consent can be obtailed by submitting an application to your local council.

What if you are in council owned properties?

You can make improvements to a council owned property but this depends on what is in your tennancy agreement. If you have recently moved into the property you will be considered an, “introductory tennant” and will be limited to minor improvements or redecorating.

If you have lived in the property for some time, you have the right to carry out improvements to your property. These improvements will need to be submitted to your local council for approval prior to any work being done.

Once you have approval from the council you will be able to make the following rennovations to your property. This is just a short list of possible changes and not an exhaustive list of all available options.

  • Kitchen and Bathroom installations and rennovations
  • Extending your property with an extension such as a Juliet Balcony, Balustrades, Conservatory, Loft Conversion or Orangery
  • Adding a garden shed, greenhouse or patio to your garden
  • Installing or removing a fireplace or gas fire
  • Improving insulation with cavity wall fittings
  • Painting or redecorating the properties exterior
  • Fitting a satellite dish or external aerial