Do you have a walk-in service?

There are only certain products that can be purchased on a walk-in basis.  We have cutting and polishing facilities in-house and we hold certain stock available for purchase straight from our workshop. 

We cut to size or we can cut to your template.  Any templates should really be provided in an MDF material or something similar in strength and thickness.

We can provide cut and polished pieces of float, that is un-toughened glass, but we will need details of what it is being used for to ensure it is safe to do so.  

We stock some laminate safety glass, this can be cut and polished while you wait. There are safety elements we must consider when providing this product and we will need details of what it is being used for and where it is going.

We stock many types of mirror and can cut and polish a reasonable size piece and some shapes while you wait, we do our best to always have one cutter available for such orders.  Larger orders may have to go onto the production line as we may need two men to cut and polish it for you.

We stock 30min fire rated pyro guard glass, which can be cut while you wait. This is a 7.2mm thick glass and is for specified uses. Should you need this product please have details of it use available to discuss with our staff on arrival.

We take health and safety very seriously and will not sell you something not fit for purpose as stated in the United Kingdom’s H&S and Building regulations. Management reserves the right to refuse the sale should we feel your order is unsafe or for an incorrect use.