What Is The History of Glass?

It is said people started to look at their reflections in streams, rivers and pools of water. The first man-made mirror was made from polished stone in Turkey at least 6000 years ago. The Ancient Egyptians used polished copper for mirrors.

The Ancient Mesopotamians also produced polished metal mirrors. In China, mirrors were made from metal alloys a mix of tin and copper. This is so it could be polished to make a reflective surface. It is also believed that mirrors were made of metal-backed glass and this was produced in Lebanon in the First Century AD.

The Romans made mirrors from blown glass with lead backings.The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were very fond of glass and often produced mirrors from polished bronze and copper. Glass mirrors were first formed during the third century.

These became very popular in Germany, Egypt and Asia. The discovery of glass blowing in the 14th century led to the invention of convex mirrors.