How Safe are Glass Balustrades, Banisters and Balconies?

In our long trading history, we have never had issues with glass balustrades. They are easy to clean and require minimal on-going maintenance and care.

When people think of glass, they think its a fragile material that is easily broken. Glass is an extremely strong material after going through particular glass processes such as toughening and laminating.

Glass Balustrades are a safe alternative to a wooden handrail with beams. The glass sheet means you don’t have gaps that pets or young children might fall through. It creates a modern and open look to your staircase, balcony or patio.

A Safe, Clean & Low Maintenance Solution

Our glass balustrades are made from a high-quality safety glass, that is designed to cope with the everyday wear-and-tear depending on its daily use.

Modern glass balustrades use toughened glass (safety glass), which is approximately 4x stronger than conventional glass. Glass tempering is made when we heat the glass to 700 degrees Celsius and we cool it quickly.

The fast cooling is often refereed to as the quenching process. This usually takes a few minutes and it forms a strong protective layer on the surface of the glass, making it more resilient.

Balustrade Building Regulations

Strict building regulations govern which glass type or thickness can be used for various types of installations. Each local council have varied opinions on the construction of glass balustrades and they must be contacted in certain circumstances to ensure their conditions are met.

Below are links to the codes of practice in relation to balustrades and building modifications.

  • BS6180:2011 – Barriers in and about buildings: Code of Practice
  • BS6399-1:1996 – Loadings for buildings (Part 1): Code of Practice For Dead & Imposed Loads

Failure to meet their requirements could result in being forced to remove the balustrade and receiving a penalty fine. It is imperative that building regulations are considered at the design stage. These should then be signed-off before proceeding with the balustrade installation.