What is your sales process?

First, we need to provide you with a price, please see the answer to ‘How do I get price?’.  Once you have your price and you are happy with the design please inform us that you wish to go ahead, we turn your quote into an order and we request a deposit at a minimum of 50%.  This is for us to sign the stock out of our store and begin processing it for you, we request this as a confirmation of your order.  We will not take stock out of our stores until the deposit is cleared funds. Once the glass is cut it is no good for other job, we do not request your final account until we have completed your installation and have left site.  Your final invoice will be issued within 24 hours of us completing the work as ordered.  Should you not be happy with the work you must notify our office asap, we will arrange a visit with you to look at any issues raised