Glass Partitions and Doors

Glass partitions, glass doors and partitions are a popular alternative to stud walls and opaque dividers in homes and offices throughout Covent Gardens. Glass partitions are a modern way to separate the space in your home or office that reduces noise.

Glass Partition and Door Installations

Custom made glass is safe and secure – they can be used to divide large living or working areas. By replacing a wall with a glass partition you can improve the amount of light within the property.

There are many options available to both homeowners and business owners, all of which offer a fashionable way increase the sense of space whilst offering protection from noise and other distractions.

Residential Glass Partitions and Doors Covent Gardens

Glass partitions, glass walls and doors can add a modern feel to your premises. They help brighten up your property as they allow sunlight to stream in. This adds more light and warmth than windows alone.

You may decide to add an open plan feel without compromising on light or losing that feeling of interior space. You can add a wonderful mix of old and new by fitting bespoke glass partitions in your home. Glass partitions are well suited to properties with high ceilings.

The glass panelled walls act as a natural divide in large living spaces that can be closed off or opened up without fully enclosing them.

Commercial Glass Partitions and Doors Covent Gardens

A big office space can often lack privacy, especially in an open plan office. By dividing the room up using glass partitions, you can have individual cubicles within your office and you benefit from natural light and reduced noise.

Glass partitions and walls are a great way of changing the layout of your office without making serious structural changes. Our team can refit your office and make suggestions on how you can make the most out of your available space.

Glass partitions offer a practical way to separate large spaces, or create private areas within the office. Your staff will be able to see all areas of the office and will be able to work comfortably without being distracted by general office noise. They also open up the space so your office feels light and airy throughout.

Glass Partitions and Doors Covent Gardens

Our expert glaziers are able to come up with creative solutions to home and business improvements. All our glass partitions and doors are made to order and we are happy to work alongside your metal company, joiners or carpenters during the installation.

Benefits of Glass Partitions

  • We provide the finest internal or external glass partitions, bi-fold doors and sliding doors
  • The glass panels offer superior UV protection
  • Each panel provides amazing noise proofing and heat insulation

All of our glass partitions and doors are made using 10mm ultra clear toughened or laminated glass that is designed to cope with general wear and tear of everyday office use.

Our glass partitions are made either ready glazed in a frame or as a frameless finish with a sandblasted design.

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Do you take on small jobs?

No job is too small! We are local people servicing local people. Should you need one panel of glass for your green house or a replacement mirror for a frame you have come to the right place.  Should you have a glass or mirror requirement all you need do is contact our office on 0208 […]

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