Glass Splashbacks Covent Garden

While remodelling your home or working on a new build, you must have assumed that out of all the things that needed to be done, choosing a glass splashback for kitchen or bathroom would be the easiest and least time-consuming thing to stress about. But that’s not true. With endless options available, it can almost feel overwhelming.

Tiles as splashback materials offer a great range of colour options that will match your hob, countertop design and other interiors too. But the crevices can accumulate dirt and filth if you are not up for regular cleaning. Stainless steel, on the other hand, does not require much attention for maintenance and cleaning but can quickly wear and tear with visible scratches on the surface, leading you towards a splashback replacement. This leaves you with a safe, reliable, durable and affordable option: glass splashback in Covent Garden.

As the name suggests, splashbacks are a popular choice to protect the wall behind the sink or stove from oil, water, grease, food or anything that comes in the way. However, to benefit from this advantage, many homes in the UK are switching to a glass splashback near Covent Garden for the modern and classic look it gives to your kitchen, keeps it bacteria free and is easy to maintain and clean.

At Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd, we spoil you with an extensive range of toughened glass splashbacks and bespoke glass splashbacks in Covent Garden, which you can customise per your requirements. Regardless of which style, design and printed glass splashback in Covent Garden you choose, you will never find a lack in performance and quality.

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks in Covent Garden

Your kitchen is the most used and occupied area but maximum exposure from food stains, oil marks, water splashes and heat damage. Of course, you cannot stop cooking. But you can stop relying on soap and scrubs to get rid of all the dirt with the help of a sturdy kitchen glass splashback in Covent Garden. Glass splashbacks for kitchens in Covent Garden help improve your home and lifestyle by cost-effectively adding a luxe material.

Even if you go for a coloured glass splashback in Covent Garden that matches your kitchen countertop, you will be relieved to know that these coloured glasses will create an illusion of space and make room for natural light rather than blocking it. Furthermore, glass kitchen splashbacks in Covent Garden are the most hygienic option as glass is water-proof. Because of this characteristic, homeowners can rejoice in cleaning the glass surface with a simple cloth swipe, as glass will not allow dirt to accumulate or microbes to thrive.

In order to ensure that your home’s aesthetic and visual needs are met, you must install a modern kitchen splashback in Covent Garden. These stylish glass splashbacks offer excellent colour and design flexibility and can be customised. For instance, you can select a white kitchen splashback in Covent Garden if you want a subtle and sober kitchen setting. Or a black kitchen splashback in Covent Garden to contrast with your home’s colour theme.

Irrespective of the kitchen glass splashback in Covent Garden you select, with IG & G Ltd, you receive toughened glass which is heat and scratch resistant and will last for years without replacement or maintenance checks.

Splashback Installations Covent Garden, South London

Shower screens can be made from a wide range of materials but glass is a popular choice for Covent Garden customers because it can be fitted in large, seamless panels. If you are installing a splashback in your kitchen the glass should be heat resistant up to 220 degrees centigrade.

Our splashbacks are made from tempered (toughened) glass that is stronger than ordinary glass. We can cut out sections of the glass splashback for plug sockets, light switches and other fixtures.

We have installed splashbacks for residential and commercial properties in and around Covent Garden. As glass splashbacks reflect more light and brighten up your premises in Covent Garden, giving living areas a modern look and feel.

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