Mirrors Covent Garden

You can get the best artefacts, wooden furniture, sculptures, flower vases, paintings and all outstanding accessories to ornate your home internally. Yet, you will always feel a lack of something. That is because nothing can replace the glass. Glass mirrors are necessary and can instantly elevate a space’s decor and lighting. A simple piece of mirror, whether it is hung on a wall, added to a cupboard, or bathroom or placed above a fireplace, can make your home shine and exude opulence and grandeur. The day, time and era stand irrelevant as glass is always going to be favoured by all homeowners.

Owning to its demand and popularity, our experts at Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd extend our services by offering not just a mirror but rather a bespoke mirror in Covent Garden that would not only suit your personality but add charm and character to your home. One reason to invest in a bespoke mirror near Convent Garden is that your property will enjoy a distinctive identity. Since bespoke mirrors are customised to suit your likes and preferences, they will add a unique sense of style, setting you apart from the rest. We also provide A+ premium quality bespoke bathroom mirrors in Convent Garden.

Mirror Installations around Covent Garden

Custom Made Mirrors Covent Garden

Do you own a hair salon? If yes, have you considered giving your salon a quirky makeover apart from the voguish and bouncy hairdos you do routinely? Managing a physical storefront requires the studio to be visually appealing. But at the same, you cannot miss out on enlisting the supplementary features and characteristics of your brand that helps customers understand the nature of your business and draw them to your parlour. A customised mirror in Covent Garden could do wonders for your business.

With Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd, you get sturdy, toughened and laminated custom mirrors in Covent Garden, which will last you for years. Not only are our custom-made mirrors in Covent Garden of top quality, but they are also affordable and budget-friendly. You can choose from our range of designs and go for an offbeat dimension, ditching the simple cookie-cutter shapes of rectangular and square sizes.

Adding our custom wall mirror in Covent Garden will add vibrancy to your salon and also be eye candy for all your visitors. You could also install a custom-cut bathroom mirror in Covent Garden with colours available in grey, bronze, rose, gold, blue, yellow and green.

Made to measure Mirrors Covent Garden

A made-to-measure mirror in Covent Garden is perfect if you simply wish to fill up a spot in your home or office. Mirrors create an illusion of space and make room for ample natural lighting reducing the dependence on artificial lights. Moreover, they are highly flexible. You can install a made-to-measure bathroom mirror in Covent Garden, hang them as wall art, above a fireplace or as a creative decor piece with some design at your office entrance.

Suppose you own a luxury hotel. In that case, the hotel lobby and each room will require a made-to-measure framed mirror in Covent Garden to enhance the property’s curb appeal, ambience, ease of use, and convenience for each guest staying with you. With Ideal Glass, our experts are happy to furnish you with standard made-to-measure mirrors near Covent Garden, including antique, handmade, and polished mirrors. We also supply toughened creative mirrors ranging from 3mm to 7mm and will add spark to your hotel interiors

Why choose Ideal Glass?

Our team provide a free site survey for customers in and around Covent Garden before we send you a quote.

It is very important that a site survey is done when having a mirror installed as no wall or ceiling is completely level. All our site surveys are free of charge and are followed by a no-obligation quote.

  • 3-5 day turnaround on all of our stock mirrors
  • Mirrors can be cut to your size with delivery to Covent Garden and the surrounding area
  • Free site survey with a no-obligation quote for your consideration
  • We work on Commercial and Residential projects in Covent Garden
  • We provide cut-outs for sockets, switches and lights
  • All cutting, polishing and drilling are completed in our workshop by our qualified glaziers

We only use high-quality materials

All our mirrors are made to measure with a delivery service to your Covent Garden premises. We only stock high-quality materials, offering an option for ultra-clear (Low iron) mirrors that provide a perfectly clear reflected image.

Antique Mirrors delivered to you

Antique (or distressed) Mirrors can be used throughout your premises (much like standard mirrors) but some applications and premises are better suited to a distressed look.

There are a variety of different styles available for our antique mirrors – from reproduction mirror glass to mottled and marble styles.

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