Glass Balustrades London

Glass Balustrades London

Redesigning can be one of the most exciting and best things you can do to enhance the look of your place and glass balustrades have become an increasingly popular choice for homes and commercial spaces. It provides a safe, elegant look and lets light enter the space. Install a glass fence in your home, garden, or workspace, and you will see the following benefits:

  • A strong fencing option
  • A beautiful addition to your space
  • Uninterrupted natural light
  • It makes the space look bigger
  • Lots of design options for fittings, clamps, and spigots
  • Long-lasting investment

It is not a DIY thing; you will have to get professional service. We are the leading supplier and fastest installer of glass balustrades. You will make the right decision regarding quality and installation by choosing us. We have a team that will help you choose the suitable glass balustrades. Our specialist will work accordingly and perform the professional installation. We also promise guaranteed work so that you can be ensured you are getting the best job.

Frameless Glass Balustrades London

Out of every renovating design item, the glass balustrade is the one you must look for. Frameless glass balustrades are a popular style that can be installed on staircases, decks, or balconies. The installation of this glass is designed to be freestanding; it does not require support or handrails. However, you can create it according to your preferences.

Installing the frameless glass balustrades has the following several advantages: 

  • Sleek modern style: The minimalist look of glass balustrades enhances the feel of any high-end room. 
  • Easy maintenance: Glass needs to be cleaned occasionally; therefore, from its design perspective, you can easily maintain it 
  • Unobstructed light and views: Glass balustrades maximise visibility, and the sunlight quickly enters the spaces. 
  • Added space dimensions: The transparency of the glass balustrades makes the space look bigger than they are. 

If you want to install an indoor internal glass fence or revamp your home exterior or garden, we will help you. Our experts use toughened and laminated glasses to fulfil your requirements and make the place look lively. Hence, you will never complain about the service. 

Outdoor Glass Balustrades London

Why not consider an outdoor glass railing for the finishing touch of your outdoor renovation project? Outdoor glass balustrades are beautiful and elegant, adding safety to balconies, garden or roof terraces, raised patios, swimming pools, and stairways. Their transparency doesn’t obstruct views and allows more natural light to enter the space while protecting it from the winds. You can add colour to the outdoor glass by installing clear, opaque, or tinted glass to match the theme or increase privacy.

We have everything, whether you want curved, semi-circular, straight, or any other design. Investing in high-quality glass is also directed at improving the property value. Even if you decide to put the property on sale in the future, the outdoor space will catch everyone’s attention.

Every outdoor glass balustrade we supply and install comes with a guarantee. We work with customer-approach service, which means you will get the best, durable and budget-friendly glass in minimalistic and stylish decor options. Your glass will look the same for years to come.

Internal Glass Balustrades London

Renovating your house or commercial place means something other than new painting or doing interior designing work. Shift your view to installing glass in the internal area of your space to give an elegant, luxurious look. Internal glass balustrades truly transform a home. It is incredible how a simple change in glass balustrades can make your staircase modern and sleek. They allow ample light to enter the interior spaces that walls could have blocked. It makes the space look extra large and is easy to clean and maintain.

Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd are experts in glass balustrades. We have been serving for 20 years, and being a trusted and reliable service provider, we cover both the designing and installation of glass balustrades. Our experts have the skill and efficiency to work with perfection, so you can be confident that you are choosing high-quality artistry and best customer service.

As a top supplier of glass balustrades, we don’t compromise on quality. Give us a call, and we will happily serve you.