Glass Balustrades Surrey

Glass balustrades have become an integral part of UK architecture. They are a smart addition to your home, providing visual appeal and practical benefits. They have incredibly high standards, giving your space a sturdy and classy touch. They make the space look bigger, open and add a timeless touch. These glass balustrades are so strong that they need a very intense impact to break.

Depending on where you want it to be installed, you can select the type of glass balustrades that would suit the space. Our reliable glass balustrades have the following:

  • Outdoor glass balustrades
  • Frameless glass balustrades
  • Internal glass balustrades

Here’s why you should get glass balustrades in Surrey: 

  • They complement all other materials like wood, metal, etc., complementing your house’s design.
  • Even the terrace garden feels brighter and more elegant with these glasses on the edges.
  • They are easy to maintain without a tough cleaning method
  • They keep the space looking modern, clean and fantastic
  • They provide an unobstructed view
  • They allow nature to penetrate the space
  • They make the space look open 
  • They are durable
  • They are safe

Frameless Glass Balustrades Surrey

Are you looking for frameless glass balustrades to be installed at your home? Want some inspiration for your stairs or balcony? Frameless glass is an excellent way to add a contemporary, stylish, yet simple look to your house, office, or commercial space. These frameless glasses are so versatile that they add a minimalistic look to your home. 

Frameless glass is not only classy but also durable. It is weather-resistant, easy to clean, and requires very little maintenance. They complement all styles and structures. They can be customised to different glass colours, thicknesses, and other preferences. 

IG & G creates custom designs and installs them at your home. They can be installed in stairs, swimming pools, balconies, garden patios, car parks, carports, and walkways. We are a leading provider of frameless glass balustrades in Surrey because:

  • Experienced in installing frameless glass Balustrades.
  • Several installation options- with or without handrails, internal or external glass balustrades.
  • Our glass balustrade meets strict building regulations.
  • All glass balustrades are custom-made to fit your needs. 
  • We take care during the design to ensure the regulations are adhered to.
  • Consider the client’s budget.
  • Check safety requirements.

Outdoor Glass Balustrades Surrey

Are you willing to add a wow factor to your outdoor space? If you have procrastinated for a long time, these glasses will transform your home, garden or commercial property like never before. It is the perfect option for those who want to enjoy the beauty of their outdoor space while not compromising on safety. These outdoor glass Balustrades in Surrey will form a clear and seamless finish to your borders. Enhance your safety and style with outdoor glass Balustrades in Surrey. These glasses are highly durable and need tons and tons of strength to break. This is an investment that would last you a lifetime. 

  • They are solid and durable
  • Quick installation time
  • Stylish look 
  • With and without top handrail
  • Safety and security in your outdoor area

IG&G is professional in helping you select the best outdoor glass balustrades in Surrey. We have such a wide range of options that you will be bound to arrive at a decision. We can then customise it according to the measurement and other requirements. 

Internal Glass Balustrades Surrey

We manage all glass and mirror requirements in Surrey. We welcome you to visit our store to discuss your project requirements and select the best one for your home. If you don’t have enough time to visit our store, we can walk you through the products over the phone.

All the internal glass Balustrades in Surrey will be ready in just a few days from the date the order is processed. If you want to add them to the stairs, let us know the measurements, and we will help you with a rough quote. We can place the order and send it to the manufacturer for the exact quote when everything is finalised. Call us to get in touch with an IG&G team member, and we will help you out.