Glass Splashbacks Addlestone

Are you tired of cleaning that dirt and grim stuck on your kitchen and bathroom tiles? Is buying those cleaning agents, gloves and towels costing you so much? If you said yes, it’s time to switch to a more affordable and effortless solution: Glass Splashbacks in Addlestone.

Glass splashbacks, or backsplashes, are increasingly gaining popularity in homes and commercial spaces across the UK as the best alternative to traditional wall tiles. They are glass panels on the back of the cooktop or splash areas in kitchens and bathrooms.

Toughened glass splashback is more durable than its stainless steel and tile counterpart. It protects your walls for years from heat, steam, water and moisture damage. You no longer need to fear stains and accidental spills on the walls.

Splashbacks are easier to install than tiles and easy to clean and maintain. You can swipe away any spills and stains with a clean sponge and warm, soapy water. This feature makes them an excellent choice for walls prone to daily wear and tear.

Glass splashbacks near Addlestone are cost-effective when you consider their long-term benefits. Though their installation cost can outweigh the cost of installing tiles, you can save those pounds from being spent on grouting yearly.

Bespoke glass splashbacks Addlestone’s are versatile and are available in vibrant colours. They can be customised and resized to fit any space. You can choose a black glass splashback Addlestone for a sophisticated modern look with minimalist interior decor. They provide a contemporary backdrop with a clean and stylish look.

White glass splashback Addlestone brings a classic and elegant yet contemporary look. It can make any small space appear more prominent. Coloured glass splashback in Addlestone create a bold statement for your interiors, while printed glass splashbacks Addlestone add a personal touch.

Sometimes, choosing the perfect splashback from the ocean of available options takes time. In that case, you can consult our reliable workshop specialist at Ideal Glass and Glazing for advice. They will visit your site and provide the best consultation on what splashback will suit your interiors and requirements.

Kitchen Glass Splashback Installations in Addlestone

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks Addlestone

How often do you spend a lot of money on your kitchen refurbishment? And what about those dirty tile wall crevices that need grouting every year? The chances are you’re spending more than necessary. But what if we tell you can save a lot of money and effort if you replace those tiles with kitchen glass splashbacks in Addlestone?

Yes, glass splashbacks for kitchens Addlestone are pretty affordable, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Just a swipe of clean cloth and warm, soapy water is what it takes to make it look squeaky clean again. There is no room for germs and bacteria to grow on these as there are no joins and crevices like tiles.

Glass is non-porous. So, glass kitchen splashbacks Addlestone don’t allow any traces of solid or liquid particles to penetrate through them and spoil the walls behind. This aspect makes them more suitable for places where hygiene is a priority. With the heat and fire-resistant feature, kitchen splashbacks in Addlestone lets you cook for hours without the fear of causing any damage to the splashbacks.

Unlike traditional splashbacks, modern kitchen splashbacks Addlestone are available in various colours and patterns. You can customise them to fit and match the interiors of your home. You can go for a White kitchen splashback Addlestone to create a calm and relaxed kitchen atmosphere where you would love to spend time.

Black kitchen splashback Addlestone provides a sophisticated look. It goes well with white or cream cabinets and light ceilings. You can also choose from coloured and printed splashback for kitchen in Addlestone if you want a creative look that matches or contrasts your kitchen interiors.

If you want to alter your splashbacks or install new ones in the kitchen, contact our team of experts at Ideal Glass and Glazing today. They will visit your site for free to assess the space. Then, they will provide a free quote and consultation, keeping your budget in mind.

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