Shower Screens and Enclosures Addlestone

Shower screens have become a part of evolving modern bathrooms. They provide an elegant and stylish look, in addition to separating the dry and wet areas of the bathroom. You can take a shower without making the entire bathroom wet.

If you have a bathroom with three separate areas for basin, water closet and shower, then shower cubicle screens and enclosures in Addlestone are the best to go for. They fulfil all the functional requirements of a bathroom and serve as a statement of sophistication and luxury these days.

Shower enclosures in Addlestone can be your saviour if you want to feel safe and avoid slipping inside the bathroom. They help reduce the risk of falling by restricting water entry outside the wet area. This characteristic prevents the space from developing mould and bacteria, which is a good point from a hygiene perspective.

Installing shower screens and enclosures in Addlestone requires the work of experienced professionals, and the opposite can worsen things. Make sure you hire a company with expertise in shower screen installations to have the best experience.

At Ideal Glass and Glazing, we provide top-quality bath shower screens and enclosures Addlestone. Whether refurbishing your bathroom or building a new home, we can help you create the perfect shower screen that suits your style, needs, and budget.

Expert Installation of Shower Screens & Enclosures in Addlestone

Bespoke Shower Screens and enclosures Addlestone

Nothing beats our bespoke shower screens, Addlestone, when creating a stylish and personalised look for your bathroom. Our bespoke shower enclosures are available in framed, frameless and semi-frameless variants. We also provide anti-fogging technology on the shower glass to prevent condensation.

Framed bespoke glass shower screens Addlestone are more durable than their counterparts, with frames providing structural stability. You can get the frame design customised to match the bathroom interior.

Frameless bespoke glass shower enclosures in Addlestone are best if you want a simple yet sophisticated-looking shower area. They are easy to clean as there is no room for soap residue and moisture to collect.

Semi-frameless bespoke shower screens and enclosures near Addlestone provide a sleek look while balancing the framed and frameless screens. If you’re finding it difficult to choose what’s suitable for you, our experts are just a call away. They will help you in every step, from choosing the shower screen to installing it.

Custom Shower Screens and enclosures Addlestone

Why settle for standard shower screens when you can get a custom shower screen and enclosures in Addlestone? Our custom glass shower screens and enclosures in Addlestone can add a modern and elegant touch to your bathroom. They make it appear more significant than it is by creating an illusion of openness.

Also, with custom bath shower screens and enclosures, Addlestone lets you design your bathroom according to your preferences. You can choose a contemporary, classic or minimalist style; the choice is yours. We use top-quality materials, precision cutting equipment and advanced software during the design to ensure your piece is designed how you want it.

At Ideal Glass and Glazing, we guide you with the right choice after knowing your requirements for your custom-made shower screen Addlestone. We can vouch for your satisfaction at every stage of the process. Give us a call to get your desired shower screen and enclosure.

Can Your Shower Screens Provide Privacy?

We have fitted many shower enclosures with opaque glass for privacy. The nature of sandblasted or opaque glass means that it is partially transparent whilst still allowing the light to transfer through. This glass is also referred to as Frosted glass. It is possible to place a privacy panel on a glass screen by making […]

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What Glass Is Used In Your Installation Projects?

There are various glass type options available to you, from sandblasted and opaque to colour tinted glass. It is also possible to have a combination of different types. All of the glass is toughened safety glass and adheres to the BS British Standard.

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Can I Choose The Fixtures And Fittings?

Yes, from high end to lower budget options, you can customise your shower enclosure how you choose. For example, the handle-free finger pull is currently very popular with frame-less enclosure. We have brochures of fitting options that can be downloaded here.

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