Glass Splashbacks Epsom

Have you ever thought of how the wall behind countertops or cooktops would or should look when redesigning your home? If you have just left that portion to a wall made of plaster or wallpaper, then you are missing out on the best home fitting called splashbacks. When you choose the finest designs for your countertops, considering a complementing splashback cannot be ignored. Our glass splashbacks in Epsom let you enjoy a range of options for your home’s interior, reducing that burden.

The previous version of splashbacks used to be plaster and tiles, making it difficult for homeowners to maintain and clean. As you would know, they either get discolouration or stain over time which can be stubborn to remove. This is why; we advise you to get our glass splashbacks near Epsom, which is just a click or call away. They have versatile qualities that make them suitable for any home that wishes to have them installed.

If plain glass installation is not your cup of tea, we can get creative and provide you printed glass splashbacks in Epsom that are unique and outstanding than what you can find in the market. We understand our customers may have their own choices of colours and prints but might find it challenging to get one installed. We cover this problem as we hear our customers’ requirements and develop splashbacks with prints of their choice.

It is simple if you are wondering how you can get your hands on one of our products. In the comfort of your own home, you can dial the number of our experts and state your needs; rest, leave it to us.

Bespoke Glass Splashback Installations in Epsom

You can even use a Splashback in your bathroom, to protect your walls from water damage, as well as to add an extra dimension to your decor. Our glass splashbacks come in a wide selection of colours and finishes. They offer a premium finish and provide flexibility in terms of sizes, shapes and patterns.

Why Chose a Glass Splashback?

They can be cut to fit the exact size of the space required and come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. Glass splashbacks are also very hygienic as there are no grooves or grout for germs to get trapped in. 

If you are looking for a long-lasting, easy-to-clean, hygienic alternative to tiles or metal, a glass splashback could be just the solution you need. Our glass splashbacks are custom-made and designed to suit your exact specifications.

A Stunning Alternative to Tiles

Our splashbacks are made from toughened glass making them safe and durable as well as easy to clean. They also come with a guarantee to cover against fading or peeling. The glass we use is heat resistant, impact resistant and will not scratch meaning it not only looks amazing, but it is a practical way to protect your walls. It is also ideal for use close to hot areas like gas hobs.

Fixing Your New Glass Splashback

Here at Ideal Glass, our experienced fitters will ensure that your glass splashback is securely affixed to your wall. We will use either screw fixings or an industrial-strength adhesive, depending on your individual requirements.

Complement Your Kitchen with Glass Splashback in Epsom

Those who enjoy cooking may find their kitchen more than just a place to prepare food. Whether you’re experimenting and discovering new dishes to share with your friends and family or creating ideas for a future restaurant, it’s a great place to develop your culinary skills. Regardless, keeping your kitchen clean would be extremely tedious, especially if you have to scrub off the stains and curry marks from walls with cleaning products. To avoid this situation, we introduce you to our best kitchen glass splashbacks in Epsom that are heat and stain-resistant.

If we were to talk about our reliable kitchen splashbacks in Epsom, it has more than just the benefits we mentioned. Since glass has the property to create vibrancy in any area being installed, utilising glass kitchen splashbacks can definitely up the game for your cooktops too. They are easy to clean and also ensure that the stains don’t leave any marks when removed.

When there are several options of splashback available in the market at cheap rates, why should you choose our top-quality splashback for kitchen in Epsom? The answer is simple, and it has more advantages than store-bought splashbacks. They can be customised or personalised how you want them to suit your home aesthetics. Glass is flexible and can go with any décor. Thus, our glass splashbacks for kitchens in Epsom offer you more than what you pay for. All you have to do is give us a call to make your requirements, book your favourite splashback and get them installed professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Colours Are Available For A Splashback?

Not only can your splashback be any colour, but there are also a range of effects and design options available. For seamless integration into your kitchen we have a colour matching service. On the other hand you can be bold with colour; we hold a sample box at our workshop for ideas.  We suggest that […]

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Why Should I Choose A Glass Splashback Instead Of Tiles?

Our splashbacks are made from toughened glass and will therefore withstand heat from the hob. There are many advantages of splashbacks; They are more hygienic than tiles as they are easier to clean due to the smooth surface of the material. If you look after it and it is fitted well, a splashback will last […]

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