Mirrors Epsom

There’s never a time of the day when you wouldn’t look at yourself in the mirror or take a couple of selfies in your new outfit. But wouldn’t it be embarrassing to have a foggy mirror or unkempt mirror frames appear in your photo? Don’t drop your phone down yet because you can get our top-quality custom mirrors in Epsom with just a phone call.

What makes us stand out from the rest is that we understand our customers’ requirements and create the type of mirror they want to go along with their home décor. But let’s not forget the primary area that requires a mirror, the bathroom. After your tiresome sleep at night, you would want to check yourself out in the morning to get some touch-ups. You can transform the look of your bathroom entirely with our bespoke bathroom mirror in Epsom if your existing mirror does not meet your expectations.

To get our high-quality bespoke mirrors near Epsom, all you have to do is give us a call. Our experienced professionals understand your requirements well and can carve the most beautiful mirror that goes along with your bathroom décor at cost-effective rates.

Made-to-Measure Mirrors in Epsom

Are you having trouble finding the perfect shaped mirror for your bathroom? Though the default sizes of mirrors available in-store are all similar, they may not be up to par with your expectations. Instead of exhausting your fuel, you can have one crafted for your bathroom in the comfort of your home. Introducing you to our made-to-measure mirrors in Epsom that utilise our expert services and high-quality materials to bring you what you wish for in your bathroom.

No one bathroom is the same as the other. The decors, the tiles, and the colour combination are always different. Thus, finding a mirror that compliments your bathroom décor is essential. With us, you can install made to measure bathroom mirror in Epsom that is specially made for you. All you have to do is give us a call to make your requirements, and we will deliver them to you.

Custom Made Mirrors Epsom, Surrey

Say your home has a rustic, vintage design with the decors, walls and fittings matching the same aesthetic. With all these done, settling for a store-bought mirror to adorn your space would not do justice to your hard work. Rather than settling for what is available at the store, consider our custom mirrors in Epsom that are of premium quality and come in the shapes and sizes you desire.

When you install mirrors in your home, you would want them to stay longer with no fog or dirt ruining their quality. Though the temperature at your home plays a significant role in creating the foggy appearance, good quality mirrors wouldn’t require you to spend on cleaning products to clear the fog. With our custom-made mirrors in Epsom, you can get elegant mirrors that go along with your wall décor that are easy to maintain as well.

If you want to add mirrors to your home to give it that classy look, then get in touch with us to craft a customised mirror in Epsom that best suits your requirements at cost-effective rates.

Bevelled Edge Mirrors Epsom

If you are looking for traditional mirrors then a bevelled edge mirror will provide you with just that. Bevelled mirrors undergo a process of cutting along the edges to a specific angle to produce a framed look.

Bevelled mirrors work well in a large number of environments and add an opulent look that further highlights the frame and a finished look that flat mirrors don’t have. Bevelled wall mirrors are decorative items that reflect light as well as the image of whatever lies directly before them.

Commercial Mirrors in Epsom, UK

Here at Ideal Glass and Glazing, we work alongside designers and project managers in the commercial sector, to supply them with custom-made mirrors that fit their specific requirements.

Our team have installed a number of hand-silvered glass mirrors in a high-class London restaurant as well as having provided mirrors for Jamie Oliver’s restaurants.

Polished Mirrors in Epsom

Because our mirrors are made to order, we can supply either bevelled or polished mirrors. Polished mirrors offer clean lines and a more contemporary look. These types of mirrors offer an affordable option for both homeowners and businesses. Our mirror comes in a variety of thicknesses, with 3mm and 6mm bevelled or polished mirrors being the most popular.

Residential Mirrors Epsom

Because we specialise in high-end, bespoke mirror designs we are able to install a variety of mirrors including both modern and antique styles. Our custom-made mirrors can be manufactured to suit the look and feel of your home. We also supply standard mirrors for use in bathrooms, wet rooms, hallways and living rooms.

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