Shower Screens and Enclosures Epsom

Enjoying your hot shower only to find all the water and soap splashed all over your bathroom floors and fittings? If you think your bathroom does not lack anything to prevent this, think again. Our shower screens and enclosures in Epsom are highly demanded by homeowners who want their bath space to be cosy and warm. Our shower screens preserve the shower’s heat and prevent water from spilling into the rest of your bathroom.

For homes of all types, bathrooms are usually boxed-shaped and have less space than any other room. So, making additions to the existing area of your bathroom, you will have to be extra careful and professional in choosing the type of shower screen that will compliment your décor and provide you with sufficient personal space to take relaxing showers. Thus, installing our shower enclosures in Epsom will be an easier alternative as we provide the product and services for installation.

Our top-quality shower screens and enclosures in Epsom are manufactured to suit the requirements of our customers. As the trends change, unique options will be available in the market. We can tweak the model you wish to purchase and install it professionally.

Expert Installation of Shower Screens & Enclosures in Epsom

Tailor-made Shower Screens and Enclosures in Epsom

We appreciate you as the homeowner considering every fine detail and upgrading it to add to the aesthetic of your home. Nowadays, almost everything we buy can be made as per our requirement for the price we pay, so why compromise on your shower screens with store-quality materials? At Ideal Glass and Glazing, we offer our bespoke shower screens in Epsom that are manufactured per your requirements.

Creativity is not limited to the imagination. You can materialise your ideas on shower screens by utilising our bespoke shower enclosures in Epsom that craft you the type you wish for with the highest quality materials. As trends keep updating, trying your hand at your home décor is fun. You can install what you wish for your bathroom with our experts.

How classy and elegant glass can look in any part of your home? So, opting for our bespoke glass shower screens in Epsom over PVC, cloth or wooden shower screens can be your best solution. It is not only cost-effective but also easy to clean.

We can even supply tailored solutions specially manufactured to your project details. Compact bathrooms or oversized shower cubicles may require more precise dimensions to ensure a perfect fit. We can advise you of all the relevant options and help you choose your space.

Whilst all our shower screens and enclosures in Epsom are of excellent quality, they are also affordable. Whatever your budget, the highly experienced staff at Ideal Glass will be able to give detailed advice on the best solution to suit your requirements.

With a choice of materials, designs and fittings, we can supply and install the perfect shower screen or enclosure for your home. If you are looking for first-class shower screens and enclosures, Ideal Glass can provide you with the following:

  • Shower and bathroom screens
  • Shower enclosures
  • Shower doors and side panels
  • Bath Screens
  • Frameless Shower Surrounds, Screens & Doors

Custom Shower Screens & Enclosures in Epsom

Browsing our range of options and still having difficulty choosing one? Are you perhaps with a choice but can’t seem to fit them into your bathroom décor? Then, we can provide you with our custom shower screen and enclosures in Epsom that can make changes to the shower screens you choose and then personalise them to match your requirements.

Installing standard shower screens won’t do it to make your showers visually appealing. Thus, choosing our custom-made shower screen in Epsom can give you numerous benefits beyond just enhancing privacy during a bath. Our top-quality shower screens prevent water puddles from forming on your bathroom floor, can prevent you from falling and complement your bathroom visuals.

With over 20 years of experience, we are committed to providing our customers with whatever they want to install in their homes to improve their aesthetics. For this reason, we have introduced a range of options from which you can choose and also make a trusted booking for our custom-made shower screen in Epsom at affordable rates.

Why Choose Our Shower Screen and Enclosures?

Bespoke shower enclosures are perfect for wet rooms or open-plan shower spaces; a shower screen offers a simple yet effective barrier for your shower area.

Designed as a simple straight line of hard-wearing material, shower screens do not offer return panels, creating a feeling of space around your shower.

We can supply a custom-made shower screen to fit depending on the floor space you want to use for your shower area. Double-length or wide shower screens may come with additional brackets to ensure they remain rigid over time.

Tailored To Your Requirements

If you prefer a bespoke shower enclosure fitted at your Epsom home, you can separate your shower area from the rest of the bathroom. It can help to prevent water damage to the floors and walls to prolong the life of your bathroom. Your shower enclosure requirements will vary depending on the size of your shower, its existing position in the bathroom and the location of other features.

With a choice of doors, curved or straight edges and a range of fittings, your shower enclosure can be built to suit your requirements and decor perfectly.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements and even visit you at home to provide a no-obligation quotation following our survey of your shower space and a greater understanding of your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Your Shower Screens Provide Privacy?

We have fitted many shower enclosures with opaque glass for privacy. The nature of sandblasted or opaque glass means that it is partially transparent whilst still allowing the light to transfer through. This glass is also referred to as Frosted glass. It is possible to place a privacy panel on a glass screen by making […]

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What Glass Is Used In Your Installation Projects?

There are various glass type options available to you, from sandblasted and opaque to colour tinted glass. It is also possible to have a combination of different types. All of the glass is toughened safety glass and adheres to the BS British Standard.

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Can I Choose The Fixtures And Fittings?

Yes, from high end to lower budget options, you can customise your shower enclosure how you choose. For example, the handle-free finger pull is currently very popular with frame-less enclosure. We have brochures of fitting options that can be downloaded here.

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