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Are there open and empty areas of your home that you want to decorate but don’t know how? There can be an endless list of options you can choose from, but nothing can beat the elegance of our beautiful glass balustrades in Reigate that can create the perfect finish for your home exterior or interior. You may have witnessed more balustrades than railings in your life. This is because modern homes and buildings prefer fittings that match the architecture.

Open decks are perfectly suitable for homes that wish to enjoy the view without any barriers, but they can also be a great addition if you opt to install balustrades. They are safe and protect adults and children from tripping if they fail to notice a stair or platform. Our decking balustrade in Reigate is not only specialised in adding a protective barrier along the deck but also creates a creative edge to it.

However, let’s not forget stairs where railings or balustrades are the most necessary. Most homes have complained about how certain railings rust or corrode along the ends, making them highly undesirable to install. We assure you that our stair balustrade in Reigate comes in different shapes and sizes to suit your home in the way you want it to look.

Residential Glass Balustrades in Reigate, UK

What is more classy and fabulous than glass to add to your home? Every home has a glass accessory, a fitting, or a décor to match its theme and style. In your home, to make matters unique, you can go ahead and install our glass balustrades in Reigate to your patio or porch, depending on where it can shine better. However, balustrades are not just an external fitting but also internal.

Why should you choose glass balustrades over any other material? This is because glass balustrades can keep the matter simple and elegant without disrupting or distracting the beauty of your deck from it. Along with the current themes and designs of your deck, a dose of precaution added with elegance is what you can find through our decking glass balustrade in Reigate that can cover the relatively large space of your deck.

Apart from your deck, there might be other parts of your outdoor space where you would want to build safe barricades that do not block out the view of your outdoors. In that case, you can install our outdoor glass balustrade in Reigate, which is cost-effective yet of the highest quality, with just a phone call.

Semi-Frameless Glass Balustrade Reigate

We have seen buildings, apartments and complexes with frameless glass balustrades that protect people from falling or ignoring the heights. These fittings are not just limited to big places but your home too. If you want to enjoy a rainy day from your patio without an uninterrupted view, then our frameless glass balustrade in Reigate is what you are looking for. This uniquely crafted balustrade is made to suit your home perfectly.

Say you want to add frameless barricades but, at the same time, don’t want them to seem completely invisible. In that case, our semi-frameless glass balustrade in Reigate can match your requirements. Though they are frameless for most parts, we add features to distinguish one from the other. They are strong, weather resistant and incredibly spotless as well.

If you think balustrades would go well on the upper floor of your home, then you are not wrong. To enhance your balcony view, our top-quality balcony frameless glass balustrade in Reigate can be placed in a manner you like, making it a desirable place to hang out alone or with your friends. To install one of your choices, call us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Install?

In most cases bespoke shower screens, splashbacks and balconies can be installed in less than one day, so there will not be high installation costs. However, please note that this is for installation only, it may take up to 10-15 days from date of order for production of the glass itself and then delivery.

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Are Glass Balustrades Safe?

We adhere to the BS British Standard to satisfy building regulations.

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What Glass Is Used In Your Installation Projects?

We will discuss the best glass options with you that take both safety and design into account. We only use toughened or laminated safety glass and can advise on the best one once we have reviewed the project and your project space. We are able to supply many types of glass and apply various effects. […]

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Can You Fit A Glass Balustrade In Any Property?

Installing a glass balustrade will transform the look of your home or business premises. Such installations can be to balconies, patios, or areas of decking. All will have a visually-stunning and high-end finish.  For outdoors use, our glass balustrades and Juliet balconies protect against the elements and help to create a truly modern exterior living […]

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Can I Choose The Fixtures and Fittings?

We have brochures of balustrade installation/ fitting options that can be downloaded here.

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