Glass Splashbacks in Reigate

People often discuss glass splashbacks as a designer addition to the kitchen because that is where people tend to visit more than any other room. But there are other places in your home where splashbacks can go along with its décor very well. However, the sole purpose of splashbacks is to prevent water or greasy substances from spoiling the wall behind your sink, cooktops, and countertops. Thus, installing our high-quality glass splashbacks in Reigate can help you prevent moisture from destroying the wall.

For over 20 years, we have provided our customers with the top quality glass splashbacks near Reigate who want to upgrade their homes with elegant fittings. As we know, glass can brighten up a room and create more space than it may seem. It makes glass one of the best materials for installing glass splashbacks. They can enhance the entire visual appeal of your room by just being there.

Once a fitting made out of tiles, it now has endless options. Splashbacks can be made with and from anything. However, professionally manufactured splashbacks can be a durable addition to your home. Furthermore, our coloured glass splashbacks in Reigate come in types and designs that can best suit your home in unique ways.

If you are having difficulty getting your hands on one, all you have to do is call us to specify what you would want your splashbacks to look like. We will produce and install them that way.

Top-quality Kitchen Glass Splashback in Reigate

The wall behind your kitchen cooktops may not seem significant and relevant while renovating or redesigning your kitchen. However, it is essential to note that this wall may be made of plaster or the classic tile splashback, which retains oil splatters, grease and other stains even after deep cleaning them. Instead of investing your time, money and energy on extreme cleaning supplies, install our best quality kitchen glass splashbacks in Reigate that are heat and stain-resistant.

Our kitchen splashbacks in Reigate come in different sizes, shapes, colours and configurations to suit your cooktop and overall kitchen aesthetics. They not only fulfil the duty of protecting your wall from any food or grease splatters but also enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen. There are various ways you can design and fit the splashbacks we provide to elevate the modern look of your kitchen.

The conventional model of tiles for splashbacks may be too outdated. It also has disadvantages, such as moisture and stains getting stuck between the gaps, making it hard to remove. Rather than making your life difficult by cleaning each section of the splashback, we introduce you to our glass splashback kitchen in Reigate, which can be cleaned with basic cleaning supplies and is long-lasting.

Materials for splashbacks can vary from supplier to supplier. We manufacture high-quality glass splashbacks for kitchens in Reigate that fit your cooktops without consuming too much space. When you decorate your kitchen, you would want the workplace to look more trendy than the wall behind it. Thus, we assure you our glass splashbacks will complement your kitchen well.

Glass Splashback Installations in Reigate, Surrey

Splashbacks can be made from a wide range of materials. Still, glass is popular for customers in Reigate because it can be fitted in large, seamless panels. If you install a splashback in your kitchen, the glass should be heat resistant up to 220 degrees centigrade.

Our splashbacks are toughened (tempered) glass, stronger than ordinary glass. We can cut out sections of the splashback for plug sockets, light switches and other fixtures. Our team have installed glass splashbacks for residential properties in and around Reigate, Surrey.

Glass Splashbacks are reflective, offering more light, and they will brighten up your Reigate premises, giving living areas a modern look and feel.

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