Mirrors in Reigate

Can you imagine a home without mirrors? Homeowners can use mirrors differently—Wall art for some, illuminators for others. Regardless, decorating homes with mirrors has been a trend for a long time and a timeless one at that. We employ our professionals to design the best quality bespoke mirrors in Reigate that suit your home aesthetics. They do not hold spots easily and can be cleaned with basic cleaning products.

Let’s not forget the most important place a mirror is required: your bathroom. The first thing you do in the morning is prepare yourself for the day. When simple choices are available at stores for low prices, then why consider our bespoke bathroom mirror in Reigate? Is it okay to settle for simple when you can get stylish at affordable rates? If your bathroom has a décor and expectations to meet, our mirrors can be high-performing to suit your design.

Creating focal points for your home through mirrors can be extraordinary and outstanding from any other home. Whether you decide your home to look rustic or contemporary, mirrors will hold a place in your home. With our bespoke mirrors near Reigate, our professionals will craft and design the one you choose.

Professional Mirror Installations in Reigate

Custom-Made Mirrors Reigate

Functional and pretty mirrors are a valuable addition to every home. Historic buildings are adorned with mirrors in different shapes and sizes in every part of their room. You can decorate your modern home the same way with our custom mirrors in Reigate that are cut and cropped to the design you desire. This way, you can personalise all the mirrors in your home to benefit their visual appeal.

The most significant advantage of mirrors is that they can create the illusion of making a room bigger and fuller than it is. Our custom-made mirrors in Reigate can embellish the empty walls in your home or add a classy décor that creates a bigger impact. The effectiveness of mirrors in your home is not only to decorate but also to brighten up your home better.

For over 20 years, we have mastered the art of customising for our clients who want their homes transformed with minimal fittings like mirrors. Thus, install our customised mirror in Reigate to lighten up your boring walls.

Made-to-Measure Mirrors in Reigate

Mirrors can make any space luxurious. But just any plain mirror can’t do the trick. Mirrors with elegant frames, coating and glass can have a strongly reflective surface suited to any home. Our made to measure mirrors in Reigate are manufactured per your requirement, depending on the wall you wish to have fitted.

The varieties available in the market are endless but not necessarily likeable. You might have your creative design to know what your bathroom mirror should look like. Bathroom mirrors should not be limited to simple choices. Still, they can be elevated to a better level with a made-to-measure bathroom mirror in Reigate that is specially made for you.

If you wish to bring a new meaning and visual appeal to your home, get your own made-to-measure framed mirrors in Reigate that can get along with any of your home interiors. All you have to do is call us to book our product and get professional installation at a cost-effective price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Mirrors Be Used For?

Amplify light, add drama, create interesting reflections and frame views.Mirrors can brighten up a roomMirrors can be made a focal point e.g. a mantel pieceMirror windowsIlluminate dark cornersDifferent shape mirrorsMirrors to double your spaceMirrors for small spaces

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What Are Bevelled Edge Mirrors?

A bevelled mirror is a mirror that has edges that are cut and polished to a precise angle and size.This means the glass is thin around the edges of the mirror. While the middle portion remainsthe standard ¼ thickness

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What Is The Difference Between a Lens & A Mirror?

A lens is an optical device that focuses light on a crucial point through refraction. There are specialcoatings and shapes of lenses that can be used to create a compound optical device. Whereas amirror is a reflective surface that tries to preserve the detailed characteristics for the original light.

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Are There Limitations Using Shaped Mirrors?

This is normally found on mirrors hanging on the walls with or without frames and glass tops. Normally on a glass top, there is not full support underneath the glass. So the bevel can be seen.

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How Are Mirrors Made?

Mirrors are made by placing a very thin and smooth layer of silver on a piece of glass. The layer stops light from passing by and this is where the reflection takes place and this allows us to see ourselves in the mirror. This idea was thought up by Justus Von Leibig almost 200 years ago in Germany.

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