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Tired of all the water spraying from your shower to your bathroom? Then it is best to contain it within your showering area. But how? With our reliable shower screens in Reigate, you can make a safe boundary between your bathroom and shower area to avoid water puddles forming on the floor or soapy spots staining your mirrors and fittings.

The objective of our top shower enclosures in Reigate is not just limited to withholding water from spraying but also creating enough room in your bathroom that can enhance its beauty. The bathroom decor often goes unconsidered since its use is limited, but it doesn’t need to be that way in your home. When you decorate the fittings and mirrors with high-quality materials, why second-guess on shower screens?

You might have certain ideas and designs that you would want your shower screens to look like. From plain to printed, there are several themes of shower screens available in the market. There are plenty of options when it comes to shower screens and enclosures in Reigate, and our professionals can help you figure out which one best suits your bathroom decor.

Shower Screens and Enclosure Installations

Bespoke Shower Screen & Enclosures Reigate

As a homeowner, having the opportunity to design and install each part of your home décor personally can mean a lot to you. From walls, all the way up to your bathroom decors, having your ideas and creativity to revamp your space can transform your home into your personal haven. Similarly, we design bespoke shower screens in Reigate that match our customers’ tastes, preferences, and homes.

Bathrooms often have smaller spaces than an average room and require professional designers to help you understand where and how you can add fittings to your bathroom. By keeping this in mind, our bespoke shower enclosures in Reigate are manufactured in such a way it blends perfectly with your bathroom decor.

If you wonder if the shower enclosures might take more room in your bathroom, then worry not. Our bespoke glass shower screens and enclosures in Reigate will make your bathroom look larger. As glass shower screens are easier to clean and maintain, we will make them one of your choices at cost-effective rates.

Custom Shower Screen and Enclosures in Reigate

It is good to take cold showers on a hot day to refresh your skin and take the heat away from your head and body. However, your refreshing showers shouldn’t have to spoil your bathroom fittings. If you want to make your shower stand out from your bathroom, then our custom shower screens and enclosures in Reigate are what you are looking for. They can be planned and prepared in a way you would want them to look in your bathroom.

Our custom-made shower screen in Reigate comes in different sizes, shapes, colours and configurations from which you can choose to upgrade your bathroom. Shower screens only add to the luxury of your bathroom. So, it would be best to decide how it will look in your bathroom without having to ruin your bathroom interiors.

Custom designs can often be labelled expensive in the market, making buyers run the opposite way, but not with us. Our custom bath shower screen and enclosures in Reigate are highly affordable and accessible with just a phone call. So, take the step to make a difference and book to install shower screens today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Your Shower Screens Provide Privacy?

We have fitted many shower enclosures with opaque glass for privacy. The nature of sandblasted or opaque glass means that it is partially transparent whilst still allowing the light to transfer through. This glass is also referred to as Frosted glass. It is possible to place a privacy panel on a glass screen by making […]

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What Glass Is Used In Your Installation Projects?

There are various glass type options available to you, from sandblasted and opaque to colour tinted glass. It is also possible to have a combination of different types. All of the glass is toughened safety glass and adheres to the BS British Standard.

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Can I Choose The Fixtures And Fittings?

Yes, from high end to lower budget options, you can customise your shower enclosure how you choose. For example, the handle-free finger pull is currently very popular with frame-less enclosure. We have brochures of fitting options that can be downloaded here.

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