Glass Balustrades Woking

Investing in a new home is one thing, but ensuring that the aesthetic appeal of the property is maintained is another. You can buy the house with a spacious and expansive terrace and splendid pool space aligned to a gorgeous and lavish bar and deck in the most popular area of Woking, but if it is just dull brick and stonework, what is the point of all these investments? How about constructing a visually appealing and affordable glass balustrade in Woking? Having these fences will not only add a refreshing touch and finish to your abode but also be appreciated by your bank statement as it will enhance your property’s curb appeal.

A modern glass balustrade in Woking is an arrangement of glass panels arranged in a row and supported with a rail at the top and bottom and decorative finials. These glass panels are evenly cut and shaped and can be placed as an alluring supplement to your staircases (internal and external), deck, terrace and porches.

Installing a balcony glass balustrade in Woking will allow you to host balcony dinners for your close kin without worrying about safety. Our experts at Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd are experienced in delivering quality service for all your requirements. Our durable, well-crafted outdoor glass balustrade in Woking makes it difficult for unwanted visitors like thieves and animals to access your property.

Bespoke Glass Balustrades in Woking, Surrey

Commercial office spaces are always in demand. Therefore, entrepreneurs always stress keeping their office interiors well-designed, clean, maintained, and spacious. A stylish interior with a fresh and breathable ambience promotes a healthy work environment and keeps the employees motivated and productive. Besides, investing in good infrastructure shows that the company cares not only for its employees but also customers and investors. Thus, if you haven’t already added a custom-made glass balustrade in Woking, you must immediately speak to Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd.

We are the best and the most reliable in the business and can supply and install for you a top, sturdy and durable external glass balustrade in Woking. An outdoor glass balustrade in Woking is ideal for balconies, terraces, exterior steps, a garden, a patio or an office veranda. We can also assist with a decking glass balustrade in Woking.

Glass balustrades are not just limited to being used externally, but they can benefit companies and commercial spaces by offering an internal placement as well. If you wish to add a distinct zone or recreational area for your employees to brainstorm and unwind, you can create it with the help of internal glass balustrades. How about a mezzanine floor within the office of a staircase with a glass balustrade in Woking?

Frameless Glass Balustrade Woking, UK

We know that glass balustrades are an elegant addition to any commercial or residential property. But if you want to keep up with the modern trends yet meet the basic requirements of ensuring the safety of your premises, then you must install a frameless glass balustrade in Woking.

Unlike the typically framed balustrade, a frameless balustrade in Woking is a luxe and exquisite addition to your home or office that will gracefully enhance the ambience. A frameless fence also offers incredible convenience for cleaning and maintenance as they are free from nooks and crannies that usually store a lot of dirt and debris. Clean the glasses with a cloth, and most dust will come off.

Moreover, if you have a pool area, you could construct an external semi frameless glass balustrade in Woking. It will ensure safety and an unobstructed view to keep a watch on the pool users. Speaking of external barriers, a balcony frameless glass balustrade in Woking with Ideal Glass’s toughened and laminated glasses protects your children by making it difficult for them to climb.

We provide quality semi-frameless glass balustrades in Woking, too, if you want one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Install?

In most cases bespoke shower screens, splashbacks and balconies can be installed in less than one day, so there will not be high installation costs. However, please note that this is for installation only, it may take up to 10-15 days from date of order for production of the glass itself and then delivery.

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Are Glass Balustrades Safe?

We adhere to the BS British Standard to satisfy building regulations.

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What Glass Is Used In Your Installation Projects?

We will discuss the best glass options with you that take both safety and design into account. We only use toughened or laminated safety glass and can advise on the best one once we have reviewed the project and your project space. We are able to supply many types of glass and apply various effects. […]

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Can You Fit A Glass Balustrade In Any Property?

Installing a glass balustrade will transform the look of your home or business premises. Such installations can be to balconies, patios, or areas of decking. All will have a visually-stunning and high-end finish.  For outdoors use, our glass balustrades and Juliet balconies protect against the elements and help to create a truly modern exterior living […]

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Can I Choose The Fixtures and Fittings?

We have brochures of balustrade installation/ fitting options that can be downloaded here.

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