Premier Glass Splashbacks in Woking

Which are the areas of your home where most water is spilt and splashed? Without any second guesses, it is your kitchen and wetrooms. Not only do these corners of your property have access to water, but also perpetual stains, microorganisms and germs. Sticking to tiles, as a solution, over your sink will only invite more storage of dirt in the crevices of the tiles and a hard time cleaning and scrubbing them. Why not shift to a smarter solution with Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd’s glass splashbacks in Woking? We supply and install premium quality, affordable, incredibly sturdy, and efficient glass splashbacks near Woking that will instantly elevate your home decor and keep the cleaning worries at bay.

Exactly as the name suggests, a glass splashback is mounted behind your sink or cooker and stove in the kitchen to protect it from stains. Glass is a popular interior design accessory; therefore, these splashbacks are a popular choice for homes in the UK. But who says you must stick to the bland and basic glass panels? As per your home’s fashion and furnishings, we can also supply sturdy and durable bespoke glass splashbacks in Woking! To add vibrancy to your restrooms, select our printed glass splashback in Woking. Or, to match the colour scheme of your living area and kitchen, a coloured glass splashback in Woking would be ideal. Regardless of what you choose, something that fits the existing decor or, in contrast, our professionals are always available to suggest the best-toughened glass splashbacks at budget-friendly prices.

Professional Glass Splashback Installation Services in Woking

Splashbacks can be made from a wide range of materials. Still, glass is popular for Woking customers because it can be fitted in large, seamless panels. If you install a splashback in your kitchen, the glass should be heat resistant up to 220 degrees centigrade.

Our splashbacks are made from tempered (toughened) glass that is stronger than ordinary glass. We can cut out sections of the glass splashback for plug sockets, light switches and other fixtures. We have installed glass splashbacks for residential and commercial properties in and around Woking.

Splashbacks are reflective, offering more light and brightening your premises, giving living areas a modern look and feel.

Bespoke Kitchen Glass Splashbacks in Woking

With so many available options, selecting the most appropriate splashback for the kitchen in Woking could be challenging. While we already know tiles are difficult to clean and offer limited customisation options to suit the style and decor of your home, going for a marble or granite splashback will fall out of your budget. Also, a wooden splashback is a big no as it cannot endure the water and food stains for long and will rot from within. It leaves us only one choice: a glass kitchen splashback in Woking.

The kitchen is an open area with routine activity and exposure to heat and water. With regular cleaning, you are bound to spill some food, water and even oil. Also, cooking cannot be done without switching on a cooktop/hob, or an oven, which generates heat. Glass splashbacks for kitchens in Woking are heat and water-resistant. At Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd, we provide top-quality toughened glasses that are 5x impact resistant compared to any other splashback material. Furthermore, glass is waterproof; thus, it wouldn’t allow water to seep and microbes to thrive. Kitchen glass splashbacks in Woking are also easier to clean. You don’t have to invest in expensive detergents and soaps; with one swipe of the glass, your kitchen will be free from rigid oil and ketchup stains.

Also, a glass splashback will give your kitchen an aesthetic appeal. You could choose a black kitchen splashback in Woking for a minimal and unique style or a white kitchen splashback in Woking for a sleek and classy finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Colours Are Available For A Splashback?

Not only can your splashback be any colour, but there are also a range of effects and design options available. For seamless integration into your kitchen we have a colour matching service. On the other hand you can be bold with colour; we hold a sample box at our workshop for ideas.  We suggest that […]

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Why Should I Choose A Glass Splashback Instead Of Tiles?

Our splashbacks are made from toughened glass and will therefore withstand heat from the hob. There are many advantages of splashbacks; They are more hygienic than tiles as they are easier to clean due to the smooth surface of the material. If you look after it and it is fitted well, a splashback will last […]

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