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Who doesn’t love redesigning and redecorating their heritage homes? It is a special and personal moment for all. Moreover, your children and grandchildren would rejoice in receiving the most precious inheritance on the occasion of your retirement. But do you know what decor could make your home even more remarkable? A bespoke mirror in Woking.

Besides every other decor product and element, mirrors are one particular accessory that is affordable and incredibly advantageous as they can easily slide into every era and work for every generation, irrespective of the trend. They are aesthetic, create an illusion of space and bounce light to the room.

Bespoke mirrors are not mass-produced but customised as per your tastes, preferences and style. You can connect with Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd to make a bespoke mirror near Woking to suit your liking. You could have it placed on a wall or customise one bespoke bathroom mirror in Woking.

Our bespoke mirrors are long-lasting. Thus, making it a perfect family heirloom to treasure and pass on to future generations.

Best Mirror Installations in Woking

Cut to Size Mirrors Woking, Surrey

We spend most of our days staying and relaxing in our comfortable homes. In such an instance, do you want your comfort space to become dull and dark? If you wish for your abode to be brighter, lively and breathable, without a second thought, you must invest in a cut to size mirrors in woking. Glass is flexible and versatile to work with. If you want a unique statement piece or a modern mirror with a subtle traditional touch, only customised mirrors in Woking can help yield the results you are after.

Custom mirrors in Working aid you in transforming the space as they go beyond the classic and plain mirrors by offering bespoke dimensions for your interiors. You could brighten your hallway or add wall art by mounting a custom wall mirror in Woking.
By making an area appear larger than it actually is, custom-cut mirrors are ideal for ornating your living area and giving it an intriguing ambience.

With Ideal Glass and Glazing’s best and most affordable range of custom mirrors, you can add vibrancy and colour to your bathroom with the help of our exquisite custom bathroom mirrors in Woking.

Made to Measure Mirrors in Woking, UK

Although a simple mirror shield can fit anywhere in your room and bathroom, some homes are devised in such a way that it is impossible to mount a wall mirror. Many homeowners prefer paintings and artificial lights; adding a mirror could make the space look crowded rather than aesthetic. But a mirror is essential. Therefore, we at Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd have a solution for your every worry. You can convert your home into a sleek and modern space by adding our made-to-measure mirrors in Woking on your cupboards. This way, you could enjoy your wall decor and meet your requirements of having a mirror.

Our experts can provide you with a custom-made to-measure mirror near Woking that fits your cupboards and matches the decor. Not only do our mirrors come with a polished edge, but they are easier to clean, irrespective of the shape and size you choose. We could also install a made-to-measure bathroom mirror in Woking over the cabinets in your wetrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Mirrors Be Used For?

Amplify light, add drama, create interesting reflections and frame views.Mirrors can brighten up a roomMirrors can be made a focal point e.g. a mantel pieceMirror windowsIlluminate dark cornersDifferent shape mirrorsMirrors to double your spaceMirrors for small spaces

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What Are Bevelled Edge Mirrors?

A bevelled mirror is a mirror that has edges that are cut and polished to a precise angle and size.This means the glass is thin around the edges of the mirror. While the middle portion remainsthe standard ¼ thickness

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What Is The Difference Between a Lens & A Mirror?

A lens is an optical device that focuses light on a crucial point through refraction. There are specialcoatings and shapes of lenses that can be used to create a compound optical device. Whereas amirror is a reflective surface that tries to preserve the detailed characteristics for the original light.

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Are There Limitations Using Shaped Mirrors?

This is normally found on mirrors hanging on the walls with or without frames and glass tops. Normally on a glass top, there is not full support underneath the glass. So the bevel can be seen.

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How Are Mirrors Made?

Mirrors are made by placing a very thin and smooth layer of silver on a piece of glass. The layer stops light from passing by and this is where the reflection takes place and this allows us to see ourselves in the mirror. This idea was thought up by Justus Von Leibig almost 200 years ago in Germany.

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