Shower Screens Enclosures Woking

Are shower enclosures in Woking just a current fashion and a switch from the traditional bathtubs? Considering the latest and altering trends, shower screens enclosures and cubicles in Woking could be in demand and a hyped accessory every homeowner wishes to install. But, its advantages are not just limited to a fad as it is an incredibly practical and functional investment.

In modern homes and apartments today, ensuring that your wetrooms have adequate space is challenging yet critical. There are a variety of features to include without making your bathroom look cramped. Therefore, setting up a shower screen and enclosure in Woking could be a space-effective solution for you. These glass constructions in your bathrooms will give an illusion of space, make your restroom appear bigger, and reflect more light.

Due to the dampness and moisture, most microbes thrive in bathrooms. Moreover, when you use only the shower space, you’d realise the entire wetroom is wet with water spraying everywhere. A shower screen in Woking helps you combat hygiene and maintenance issues. With Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd, premium quality bath shower screens and enclosures in Woking, you don’t have to worry about water percolating into other areas. Our glass enclosures are entirely airtight and non-porous. Instaling these will make it much easier to clean, and microbes also cannot grow over it.

Shower Screens and Enclosure Installations

Any type of shower glass can be protected from lime scale or watermarks by having the Clearshield product applied. This also comes with an after-care pack for regular cleaning of your shower glass to keep it crystal clear and in tip-top condition.

Bespoke Shower Screens & Enclosures Woking

While remodelling and upgrading your home furnishings and fittings, often bathroom requirements are overlooked. Later, without any choice and space left in hand, people succumb and adjust to the standard square or rectangle-shaped shower enclosures as they can easily fit any given area. But with Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd, you are spoilt with choices with a variety of bespoke shower screens in Woking.

With unparalleled expertise of 20 years in supplying and installing glass products, our professional team at Ideal Glass is elevated to work on quirky bespoke shower enclosures in Woking rather than the common shapes. Our professionals can easily work on unusual and small sites and transform them into a unique style statement. How about a quadrant or offset quadrant bespoke glass shower enclosures in Woking? Within the given space, we can deliver to you sliding, framed, or frameless bespoke glass shower screens in Woking – the alternatives from what you can select are inexhaustible.

Our expert team will make sure to assist you throughout the process. From the first measurements to aftersales services, we guarantee a 100% satisfactory and affordable bespoke shower screen and enclosure service near Woking.

Custom Shower Screens and Enclosures Woking, UK

A shower is more than a place for a bath; it is where most of us would like to wind down and feel at ease. Therefore, it surely cannot be a congested and constricted area. In such an instance, installing the right fittings and fixtures of custom shower screens and enclosures in Woking for your bathroom can not only lighten your mood but also enhance and uplift the aesthetics and ambience.

Installing a custom glass shower screen and enclosure in Woking will offer hassle-free cleaning, unique charm and vibe, improve functionality and increase property value. Homeowners who love to add a minimalist, trendy and sleek custom bath shower screen and enclosures in Woking, our specialists at Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd can advise you with quality yet budget-friendly choices. Even though our crew will supply and install the enclosures, we provide you with the freedom to choose from our options for a style, design and size to suit your individual needs.

We are proud members of Houzz and Trustpilot and have delivered exquisite, sturdy, and A+-rated custom-made shower screens in Woking to hundreds of clients. The locals depend on us for their mirror to significant needs. You can trust and try our services to experience quality glass installations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Your Shower Screens Provide Privacy?

We have fitted many shower enclosures with opaque glass for privacy. The nature of sandblasted or opaque glass means that it is partially transparent whilst still allowing the light to transfer through. This glass is also referred to as Frosted glass. It is possible to place a privacy panel on a glass screen by making […]

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What Glass Is Used In Your Installation Projects?

There are various glass type options available to you, from sandblasted and opaque to colour tinted glass. It is also possible to have a combination of different types. All of the glass is toughened safety glass and adheres to the BS British Standard.

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Can I Choose The Fixtures And Fittings?

Yes, from high end to lower budget options, you can customise your shower enclosure how you choose. For example, the handle-free finger pull is currently very popular with frame-less enclosure. We have brochures of fitting options that can be downloaded here.

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