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Don’t you own the most rustic and conventional period property in Crawley? Well, rooted and traditional premises have their charm and character that will be missing in most modern homes. Despite maintaining the aesthetics of your home in the busiest lanes of Crawley, have you ensured the safety and protection of your loved ones? CCTV will do its job, but if you have a balcony without any security or shield, nothing will stop an intruder from getting through during the wee hours. Therefore, without delay, you must hire Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd to construct a balustrade in Crawley today!

A balustrade is an arrangement of columns attached in a row helped to protect your property, provide support, and enhance the aesthetic and visual appeal. You could install a modern balustrade in Crawley, increasing your property’s curb appeal. Furthermore, stair balustrades in Crawley homes are excellent for properties with internal and external staircases for support while climbing.

To have a sense of relief with enhanced security, you can install a balcony balustrade in Crawley, which will make it difficult for thieves to climb and even children by saving them from falling. These fences are designed in such a manner that they will not obstruct the scenic sunset views for you. You can use a decking balustrade in Crawley for your deck area, keeping the prying neighbours and uninvited furry animals at bay.

A contemporary glass balustrade will give your home a more open feel and let the light flow through.  If you are considering updating your existing staircase or looking to install a brand new one, a glass balustrade could give you the finishing touches you are looking for.

Here at Ideal Glass, we supply both residential and commercial glass balustrades in Crawley and the surrounding areas.  Our wide selection of custom-made, contemporary glass balustrades can add a whole new look to your home, whilst offering a safe and stylish alternative to more traditional styles.

Glass Balustrade Crawley

Apart from providing support to staircases and enhancing the privacy and security of your home, a glass balustrade in Crawley is an excellent addition to boost the aesthetics of your premises. Whether you own a modern or period property, an internal or external glass balustrade in Crawley will add a touch of sophistication once fitted to any building or property.

For instance, you may own the most beautiful garden, patio or deck, but it will still lack elegance and a luxurious touch without a decking glass balustrade in Crawley. An outdoor glass balustrade will subtly make the exterior of your home look fancy without a heavy investment. Also, if you are planning to install a staircase with a glass balustrade in Crawley, it will instantly light up the internal ambience of your home and create an illusion of more space by making room for natural light.

The plus point of installing glass fences is that they are easier to clean and require minimal to almost no maintenance. Even after installing a balcony glass balustrade in Crawley, you can continue enjoying the scenery. The glass will reflect the natural sunlight and not block it.

How Safe Are Glass Balustrades?

As you would expect, balustrades made of glass are subject to strict regulations to ensure that they offer a safe and effective barrier.

Whatever type of glass balustrade you chose to have fitted, it must meet certain codes and regulations and should be inspected upon completion. Building control regulations must be considered when installing this product and here at Ideal Glass, we are experts in ensuring that your glass balustrades meet all regulations required.

Most glass systems that utilise handrails use single toughened glass sheets, including structural glass systems. Usually 10mm on posted systems or 15mm on structural systems.

If you are looking to install glass balustrades without a handrail, you must consider the thickness of the glass as well as the type and thickness of the interlayer. At Ideal Glass and Glazing, we use glass that is safe and strong, which reinforces the glass construction giving it extra rigidity for use in barriers or balconies.

Why Choose Glass Balustrade for Your Crawley Home or Business?

We specialise in providing the very highest quality glass balustrades, all of our systems are designed to withstand day-to-day wear and tear. They are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Our glass balustrades can also be used for both interior and exterior stairs and balconies.

Our comprehensive design and installation service mean we will supply and install indoor or outdoor glass balustrade systems, glazed screens and sneeze screens, all custom-made to fit your requirements. All of our exterior glass can be treated with an Anti-Scale treatment for 70% prevention of watermarks and an after-care spray is available.

Frameless Glass Balustrade Crawley

Why would you want to limit the incredible benefits a glass balustrade offers only to your home? Install one in your commercial space to allow your employees to enjoy the perks of sleek and elegant office space. Are you refraining from installing one because you are not fond of the frames around the barriers? If so, we at Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd have an excellent solution. Let us introduce our frameless glass balustrade in Crawley.

A sturdy and durable glass panel railing without the frames surrounding it to let you relish the beauty of glass in crisp and clean lines! Installing frames or not is a choice, but in an office space, a frameless glass fence will make a great addition. If you are still perplexed, we can provide you with our semi-frameless glass balustrade in Crawley.

Office premises usually opt for a white background to maintain a calm and serene aura. But do you think adding wooden fences would make a wise choice? No, because wood is prone to damage and invites termites. Also, it will not match the colour and decor arrangement as an external frameless glass balustrade in Crawley would.

Commercial and Residential Glass Balustrade

Choosing glass balustrades for commercial buildings offers a stylish, cost-effective and low-maintenance alternative to traditional wooden or steel varieties. Glass balustrades can also add a unique contemporary look and feel to your residential interiors. As well as looking fantastic, they are also extremely safe, easy to clean and offer a superior alternative to wood or metal balustrades.

The Finest Selection of Commercial and Residential Balustrades In Crawley

Ideal Glass will supply and fit the very best glass balustrades for your commercial or residential setting. We can add a contemporary look to your home or workplace, whilst still providing a strong and secure balustrade that will last for many years to come.

Call our team today on 0208 763 8222 to see how a glass balustrade can improve your home or business premises.

Balustrades Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Install?

In most cases bespoke shower screens, splashbacks and balconies can be installed in less than one day, so there will not be high installation costs. However, please note that this is for installation only, it may take up to 10-15 days from date of order for production of the glass itself and then delivery.

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Are Glass Balustrades Safe?

We adhere to the BS British Standard to satisfy building regulations.

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What Glass Is Used In Your Installation Projects?

We will discuss the best glass options with you that take both safety and design into account. We only use toughened or laminated safety glass and can advise on the best one once we have reviewed the project and your project space. We are able to supply many types of glass and apply various effects. […]

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Can You Fit A Glass Balustrade In Any Property?

Installing a glass balustrade will transform the look of your home or business premises. Such installations can be to balconies, patios, or areas of decking. All will have a visually-stunning and high-end finish.  For outdoors use, our glass balustrades and Juliet balconies protect against the elements and help to create a truly modern exterior living […]

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Can I Choose The Fixtures and Fittings?

We have brochures of balustrade installation/ fitting options that can be downloaded here.

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