Mirrors Crawley

Once in a lifetime, every homeowner looks forward to redesigning their homes. On this very occasion, you would want to invest in the most artistic, valuable and distinctive decor inaccessible to others. When you are focusing on every detail of your house, from wallpaper to curtains and furniture to every other accessory in your home, why are you neglecting mirrors?

You might wonder why mirrors are a prerequisite to complete your home interiors, and you will place one in your bedroom and the wet room. So what is the requirement to invest in bespoke mirrors in Crawley and go through more hassle of selecting the correct size, shape and design? Well, this is because every home will have the basic square, circle or rectangle-shaped mirrors but a bespoke mirror near Crawley or elsewhere is one of a kind!

Unlike every other mirror manufactured in a factory, your bespoke mirror will be unique to you as it is designed per the dimensions and specifications that suit your home, your preferences, and your moods. You can go all creative and experiment with your bedroom mirrors and even a bespoke bathroom mirror in Crawley, and our experts at IG&G Ltd will assist you through the process.

Made-to-Measure Mirror in Crawley, UK

Based on an individual’s requirement, many can benefit from a made-to-measure mirror in Crawley instead of a bespoke or custom mirror. Probably, you prefer the simple mirror in your bedroom or want a made-to-measure bathroom mirror in Crawley over the cabinets. Maybe, in your office hallway, you could use a made-to-measure framed mirror in Crawley, which is in contrast to the interior, to add a differentiating yet aesthetic appeal to the space. Apart from this, gyms, hotel lobbies, salons, and hotel rooms always need a made-to-measure mirror that gives their space an edge over the competitors to attract and appease their customers. Thus, at Ideal Glass, we also cater to the needs of varied clients and offer a range of durable mirrors to choose from.

You can select our standard made-to-measure mirrors near Crawley, which are cut to size. Or install our creative made-to-measure mirrors ranging from size 3mm to 7mm, which are also available in antique and coloured designs.

Custom Made Mirrors in Crawley, West Sussex

A custom-made mirror in Crawley might be pleasant to own after all your brainstorming to ensure that your mirror’s design and intricate detailing are accurate and precisely how you desire. But does a customised mirror in Crawley only serve the purpose of ornating and embellishing your home? No, there’s much more than a custom mirror in Crawley or elsewhere subtly provides to a house that often goes unnoticed.

A silvery shine that every mirror exudes can light up any area of your home and create an illusion of space. You can place a custom-cut bathroom mirror in Crawley or in your bedroom or study room, above the fireplace, near the dining area as a decor piece or even in the kitchen and bar area. Trust us; it will look aesthetic and visually appealing without making the room cramped. You will never require the need to install artificial lights as a mirror will light up the entire arena for you.

Also, at Ideal Glass, we furnish all our customers with toughened and laminated glasses at budget-friendly rates that will be durable and last for years. This way, with one investment, you are enhancing the visual attraction and curb appeal.

Our bespoke mirrors can instantly enhance the visual appeal of your commercial building. Our commercial mirrors are perfectly suited for a wide variety of uses including:

  • Residential houses and apartments
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Gyms
  • Dance studio mirrors
  • Commercial washrooms
  • Changing Rooms

Commercial Mirrors Crawley

We have a wealth of experience working alongside designers and project managers in the commercial sector, and regularly supply them with custom-made mirrors. We have, for example, already installed a number of hand-silvered glass mirrors in a high-class London restaurant as well as having provided mirrors for Jamie Oliver’s restaurants.

Residential Mirrors

Our bespoke mirror designs are able to install a variety of mirrors including both modern and antique styles. Our custom-made mirrors will be designed to suit the look and feel of your home. We can also supply standard mirrors for use in bathrooms, wet rooms, hallways and living rooms.

Add Interest with Tailor-Made Mirrors in Crawley

Mirrors aren’t only there for you to admire your reflection in, they also offer a beautiful and stylish way to add grandeur.

Here at Ideal Glass & Glazing, we can design and make bespoke mirrors in a variety of tints and finishes. We supply and fit bevelled edge mirrors to add an opulent and traditional look to your interior, or we can design and fit polished mirrors for a more contemporary look and feel.

Our mirror comes in a variety of thicknesses, with 3mm and 6mm bevelled or polished mirrors being the most popular.

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