Shower Screens and Enclosures in Crawley

With rapid urbanisation, many homeowners are urged to upgrade their lifestyles as early as possible. Therefore, to meet their requirements, they are willing to invest and have their wetrooms evolve into modern bathrooms that satisfy all their fantasies. To ensure the clients’ requests are met, interior designers face the challenge of transforming a simple shower space into a superior or personal space optimised with all essential prerequisites that suit modern tastes. Irrespective of the size of the bathroom, trying to fit everything in one space without making it look jammed is the need of the hour, which every designer is working minutely on. Solution? Only one–bath shower screens and enclosures in Crawley.

A bathroom comprises three spots – the shower/bath, vanity and toilet. The shower or bathing space is the most important and largest bathroom area. Besides, it is the only spot recognised as the wet zone. It is the only space that gets the entire bathroom wet, greasy, and unclean, and requires maximum effort and management for cleaning and management.

Thus, with the help of shower screens and enclosures in Crawley, you can separate the wet and dry zones and clean them effortlessly. A shower screen in Crawley will prevent water from percolating and give your bathrooms a modern and sleek look.

Shower Screen & Enclosure Installations in Crawley

If you want to install a new bathroom, shower, en-suite or wet room or upgrade or replace your current one, Ideal Glass can supply you with everything you need to protect your shower.

Our first-class shower screens and enclosures are available to all our customers in Crawley and the surrounding areas. We can also supply top-quality fittings to complement your new shower screen or enclosure.

Bespoke Shower Screens and Enclosures in Crawley

While remodelling your bathrooms, you don’t have to stick to a basic shower screen; instead, opt for Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd.’s bespoke shower screen in Crawley. Our expert and qualified team offers you a range of bespoke glass shower screens in Crawley without compromising quality. We use only toughened and extra clear glass panels for our clients, which are affordable and durable. Besides, if you want a bathroom that looks nothing short of a luxury suite, you can opt for our textured, frosted, printed bespoke shower enclosures in Crawley.

We have been consistently selected as the top manufacturer and supplier for bespoke shower screens and enclosures near Crawley, serving premium quality as per the British Standard rules and offering unique finesse in every installation. You can depend on us!

Because our glasses are strong and long-lasting, you can permanently end your complaints with bespoke glass shower enclosures in Crawley. They won’t need continuous maintenance or repairs and will last for years.

We cater for all budgets and can supply householders in Crawley with the very best quality shower screens and enclosures to suit their homes whilst keeping within their ideal price range.

Our highly experienced staff at Ideal Glass will be able to offer you detailed advice on the best product to suit your requirements. With a choice of materials, designs and fittings, we can supply and fit the perfect shower screen or enclosure for your home or commercial premises.

If you are looking for top-quality shower screens and enclosures, we can provide you with the following:

  • Shower and bathroom screens
  • Shower enclosures
  • Shower doors and side panels
  • Bath Screens
  • Frameless Shower Surrounds, Screens & Doors

Custom Shower Screens & Enclosures, Crawley

An excellent shower experience includes optimum water pressure and temperature, the most pleasant shower gel and pleasing aesthetics. The same calming venture can become horrific when you realise you must clean the whole bathroom immediately; otherwise, it will become home to microbes and fungi. Besides, after a long day at work, nobody would want to enter a filthy and greasy bathroom floor in the evening. It is such a mood spoiler; if you slip, you could also hurt yourself. But with the help of Ideal Glass’s A+ custom shower screen and enclosures in Crawley, you can improve and uplift your mood and make your everyday hassles easier.

Our experts will guide you through the process and suggest the best custom bath shower screen and enclosure in Crawley to give your space a premium finish. You can select the screen type and size of your custom-made shower screen in Crawley. If you have a cramped bathroom space, our professionals can suggest a sliding door screen or a quadrant shower screen, too!

Shower Screen in Crawley, West Sussex

Our shower screens work perfectly in various bathrooms, including wet rooms or open-plan shower spaces. A custom-built shower screen offers a simple yet effective barrier for your shower area.

Designed as a simple straight line, made of hard-wearing material, our shower screens do not offer any return panels, creating a feeling of space around your shower and a contemporary look for your bathroom.

Our shower screens are available in various sizes and can house single or double showers. We also supply additional brackets to ensure larger screens remain rigid over time.

Premier Shower Enclosures Crawley, UK

A traditional shower enclosure allows you to separate your shower area from the rest of the bathroom. It can help prevent water damage to the floors or walls and keep you feeling contained as you clean.

Your enclosure requirements will vary depending on the size of your shower and its existing position. With a choice of doors, curved or straight edges and fittings, your shower enclosed can be matched to suit your requirements and decor perfectly.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements and even visit you at home to provide a no-obligation quotation following our survey of your shower space and a greater understanding of your needs.

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