Project Type: Commercial

Fortnum and Mason

Ideal Glass and Glazing were contracted to provide and fit handmade custom glass to Fortnum and Mason as part of a restaurant refurbishment project.

45 Jermyn Street is a luxury restaurant in the heart of St. James’s Market in London, which is home to fine wine merchants, tailors and cigar retailers.

Old School Glamour Meets Contemporary London

We created a range of clear spectrum hammered glass privacy screens to separate each seating booth at this high-class London restaurant.

Some panels were used as clear hammered glass for the booth privacy screens and others were made into stylish silvered glass panels.

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Bespoke Glass Installation London

Our installations team visited the restaurant to take measurements for the panels, and when they got back to base, they got to work cutting them to size. Some panels were used as clear hammered glass and others were made into stylish silvered glass depending on where the panels were placed in the restaurant.

The mirror glass was toughened as part of the silvering process, which cannot be achieved with standard mirrors. Our pre-installation video shows how we turned them into the finished silvered panels you see in this luxury restaurant today.

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Hand Silvered Glass

We start with a piece of glass and any cutouts and toughening are carried out by a glass processor. Once the glass is thoroughly cleaned, we mix up a silvering solution that is poured evenly onto clear glass. We treat the glass with a protective finish to prolong the life of the silvered glass panels.

Hand Hammered Glass

We take a piece of non-transparent rolled glass and emboss it on one side so it resembles beaten metal. This type of glass is great for creating a stunning and unusual finish to glass panels that were used throughout the restaurant.

Covent Garden Apartments

We were invited to provide costings for bespoke shower screens, mirrors and decorative fire glass panels laminated to bevelled edge toughened clear glass to all nine luxury apartments including the Penthouse in London’s Covent Garden.

We were very pleased when we heard the news that we had been chosen to work on this project for our long term client. We enjoyed every part of this fit out from production to seeing the end result with some great photos of our workmanship.

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Hawksmoor Air Street Steak House

We were working as a subcontractor to produce and install various decorative glass and mirrors on walls, seating and bar areas. Each project has an original design incorporating our hand-made bespoke products.

We spent 6 weeks preparing and fitting 597 individually hand-made antique mirrors that were fitted by our team into a hand-made hardwood frame (made by others) throughout the restaurant. It was an amazing process, from clear standard glass to mirrors that could be mistaken for being many years old.

With regards to the Back bar areas, we worked closely with the architect to decide the best way to achieve the design they were looking for using specialist glass. After overcoming a few design issues we finally achieved what seemed like the impossible, and the client was pleased with the results.

Ideal Glass fitted a semi-circle protective glass panel on the inside of the leaded lite window to protect this from accidental damage.

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Jamie Oliver’s Cambridge Restaurant

We have had the pleasure of being invited as a sub-contractor to supply and install specialised glass and mirrors to a restaurant chain of Jamie Oliver’s Italian. We have been involved in 15 additional installations for new Jamie Oliver restaurants throughout the UK.

We were only too happy to supply and install glass and mirrors for this commercial project during its refurbishment. The project was completed at a discounted price as it is a registered charity.

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J Sheekeys Oyster Bar

We were happy to be invited to work on this project as we enjoy working with the main contractor. We prepared, supplied and installed handmade silver leaf gilded mirrors.

This is a specialised process that takes patience and a steady hand, the effect you are left with leaves you wondering how old the mirrors actually are.

Some of the projects we have listed are on a subcontract basis and were not direct clients to our company.

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Raffles Night Club

We received the order to first provide advice then supply samples for a mirrored ceiling with matching mirrored table tops and wall mirrors.

We won the subcontract and our main client commented on our contribution to the visual finish of this high specification night club. We supplied and installed 170 square metres of a specialised peach mirror imported from the USA.

Some of the projects we have listed are on a subcontract basis and were not direct clients to our company.

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