Glass Splashbacks

Whether it is your house or office, do you really want to invest a chunk of your savings in buying detergents, soap, cleaning gloves and clothes to remove the dirt stuck between those bathroom and kitchen tiles? If not, then it is about time to introduce you to a much more constructive, practical and economical solution, which is glass splashback.

As the name goes, glass splashbacks in the UK or elsewhere is a glass shield mounted on the back of a sink or a splash area such as a kitchen or bathroom to protect your wall from water, moisture, heat, and steam damage. Also, recognised as the glass hob splashback, it is becoming a favourite amongst residential homeowners and commercial spaces because of the simplicity and ease it brings to cleaning and preserving your walls for a longer duration. If you have been ignoring these, you are really missing out on a sleek and classy addition to your property!

You may ask, what is so significant and unique about a piece of glass material? Bespoke Glass Splashbacks are easy to clean and maintain, but they are also available in affordable and vibrant colours that can be cut to the size you require. If you are searching for a glass splashback near me, then it would be wise enough to hire the services of a reliable and professional supplier and installer.

Ideal Glass and Glazing LTD is a leading company that meets all your requirements from design to supply and installation in one go! We provide the best top glass splashbacks you would be pleased to invest in. Glass always reveals a clean, premium, polished finish. Still, unlike other splashback materials, it offers excellent flexibility if you are looking for a printed glass splashback to match the theme of your home or office. With our bespoke glass splashbacks, we ensure to cut the glass to fit the sockets, taps, window corners etc.

Where Can Coloured Glass Splashbacks Be Installed?

Bathrooms: Are you inspired to create a new feel to your wet room, and do you need to change what it looks like? How about giving us a call? We can provide you with our professional advice on your options.

Kitchens: Splashbacks are great for sinks and over-the-hob. We have installed full wall splashbacks, which look great and add character.

Commercial: We have fitted splashbacks in offices, which are used when brainstorming ideas. They are easy to clean and look fantastic with vibrant colours.

Why Choose a Bespoke Glass Splashback?

Simply put, you install bespoke glass splashbacks to upgrade your lifestyle and bring relief to your hectic schedules. Is a glass splashback worth it? Trust us, the versatility a glass splashback can add is unmatched. Whether you are looking for a custom glass splashback or a custom size to fit your kitchen or bathroom, our Ideal Glass and Glazing LTD experts can design one without compromising quality.

Even though you opt for a digitally printed glass splashback, you will never feel a blockage to natural light, as glass always reflects natural light and creates an illusion of space. Moreover, the aesthetically pleasing digital prints on glass make a calming and warm effect suitable for home and work atmospheres.

Have you accidentally spilt something on your glass splashback? There’s no need to worry about stains, as, unlike tiles, glass splashbacks have no joins or crevices to allow dirt, moisture or bacteria to get into those hard-to-reach places. Glass is entirely water resistant. Thus, there is no chance for food, water or anything else to permeate through and damage the wall behind the glass. Glass splashbacks also do not have chipped-off ends, making it easier to clean the surface with a single wipe. This keeps your kitchen and bathrooms hygienic and healthy.

At Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd, we always provide toughened glass splashbacks as they have excellent heat and scratch resistance, meaning there’s little to no maintenance required, and it is a highly durable investment. If you want to change your existing splashbacks and are looking for quality glass splashbacks near me, connect with us! Our experts will work with you to create a custom splashback to suit your vision!

A Stunning Alternative to Tiles

Erosion from the water can reduce the life of your tiles and can result in ongoing maintenance, which can be avoided with a Splashback. Tiles can break and would need replacing over time. Splashbacks solve both problems and give you a modern look and feel.

Fantastic Range of Colour Options

Our glass splashbacks are available in various colours and finishes to suit you. They offer a premium finish and provide flexibility in terms of size, shape and patterns. Splashbacks make a bold statement, and we can match the colour to suit your desired colour scheme. If you are unsure of a colour, we recommend ordering a sample before placing your order.

Ideal Glass’s high-quality glass splashbacks are sleek, smooth and hygienic, so you’ll be able to install a protective shield for your walls easily. Call us today to learn more about our premium services and affordable quotes.

Please Note: We have made every effort to ensure the screen colours are as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee an exact colour match as different computer screens use different colour settings, which is outside of our control.

Which type of glass splashback should you choose?

You are probably relentlessly searching on the internet with family members and friends about the ideal custom splashback you should opt for. Whether or not you should spend money on premium glass splashbacks, another type of material, and, of course, whether or not to choose a coloured splashback! But seeking advice from professionals would be even safer and wiser.

Splashbacks are an elegant addition, and with the seamless endless options, it is almost impossible to select the perfect one. But, our workshop team at Ideal Glass will help you pick suitable material. We already know glass splashbacks are the most practical and budget-friendly option. Hence, once you connect with our specialists, they will provide a free site visit with samples for you to choose from. Whether you want a short or long splashback, we help you with the size and custom fittings that will not cover the taps, windows and sockets. We also assist in electing the right digitally printed glass splashbacks that suit the furniture and other accessories and appliances in a particular space. Whether you want a colour that matches the rest of the colour theme or something in contrast, our professionals ensure you get exactly what you asked for!

Once you are satisfied and convinced with the size and colour of the splashback, our experts will leave no ends to design, supply and deliver a premium glass splashback. A splashback near me will light up the decor, but a professional supplier like us will ensure it is worth the investment.