Glass Staircase

How long will you ignore the posts you saved on your Instagram and ideas on Pinterest about those stellar and luxe glass staircases? Stop checking the screenshot collection in your photo gallery and sighing that you cannot possibly install staircase glass panels because they aren’t stable and safe! If you think such, you have lived under a myth or probably have still not found a reliable supplier to deliver robust glass staircases near me.

Why compromise your dreams when Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd is at your back? You might be consumed with several thoughts on whether glass staircases are safe. Will they break easily or not? Our glass specialists are here to provide a quality solution and top service. Whatever design and style you require, we will deliver it to you.

Bespoke glass staircases are very much a hit amongst homeowners and commercial areas due to their simplicity and elegance! To ensure stability, at Ideal Glass, we only use toughened or tempered glasses to increase safety and stability. Even though the glass looks delicate, a glass staircase near me is durable, impact-resistant and five to six times stronger than ordinary glass. We use glass that is thick and shatter-resistant. You can also install LED lights in your glass staircases to further ornate and enhance your interior decor.

At Ideal Glass, we provide a range of options to choose from. Whether you wish to go for a transparent or a white glass staircase, each product we supply renders you full functionality. You can also select an oak and glass staircase, which combines glass panels with oak handrails to maintain the classy look with an appealing twist!

Glass Balustrade Stairs

Even though you are not convinced and do not wish to install a glass staircase, you cannot undermine the fact that a glass installation in any corner of the room at home or office instantly elevates the aesthetic. A glass inclusion in the decor urges your interiors and furnishings to upgrade a notch higher by welcoming this sleek and subtle element. consider glass balustrade stairs as a suitable and in-demand option.

If you are redesigning your home and are looking for a perfect “wow” element to add, then a glass balustrade staircase is your go-to option. These glass panels are an excellent way to modernise your home elegantly on cost-effective budget. Whether you want to install semi-frameless or frameless glass balustrade stairs, whatever your choice of aesthetic, it will act as a strong barrier fence to enhance the safety of your kids, pets and the entire family! At Ideal Glass, we use only thick and toughened tempered glasses that are impact resistant and do not shatter easily.

If you have dark stairs and a warm colour tone of your home’s decor, then glass balustrades for internal stairs add more natural light as glass is reflective and shiny, helping you watch your steps. Not just for houses, but if you wish to separate your office floor by making space for a mezzanine area, installing a glass balustrade internal stairs would make for a wise investment.

Ideal Glass is a certified installer to furnish your requirement of staircases with a glass balustrade of the highest quality standard and safety.

Modern Glass Staircase

Whether you have a conventional or contemporary home, if you are looking for a minimal interior design style that can seamlessly blend with any decor, then modern glass staircases are ideal. Modern glass railing stairs are durable, light, airy and look spacious, making them a classic must-have for every home or even commercial and industrial workspace.

There are many contemporary glass staircase options, but the one which stands out and is the most opted for is a modern oak and glass staircase. Oak is a sturdy material that will resist scratches and dents. Moreover, oak has a natural shine and vintage finish that most property owners long for! It reveals a warm and cosy tone that uplifts the aura of any area. Along with the serene element, glass is the cherry on the cake. It finely complements oak with a modern and stylish feel. Adding these modern glass staircase railings in your hallway will grab all the attention to this area and make it the focal point of your home and boost your property value for years to come.

Our experts have unmatched experience in delivering quality staircases at an affordable modern glass stairs cost. Make the installation process easy and comfortable with Ideal Glass today!

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