Kitchen Splashbacks

Do you repaint your kitchen wall yearly due to the dirt splashed onto it from cooking and other kitchen duties? Aren’t you tired of spending every year on home refurbishments? This way, you could end up using more money than necessary. This method isn’t the best way to keep your kitchen decor clean. Installing kitchen glass splashbacks is much more secure, guaranteed, affordable, and practical.

Even though splashbacks were introduced decades back, many homeowners like you are reluctant to use them because they assume it is an expensive and short-lived investment. Sure, cheap kitchen splashbacks would be. But installing premium quality glass splashbacks near me from a leading manufacturer and supplier at Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd could last up to twenty years or more!

A glass kitchen splashback or a wipe-clean material is a shield installed and fitted right above your kitchen walls to protect your walls from oil, grease, and heat. People spend a lot of time in their kitchens, and we are sure you wouldn’t want to utilise more time cleaning those spill and splash stains.


If you come from a busy family and maintaining hygiene is your goal, installing a kitchen splashback must be your top priority.

Unlike the traditional splashbacks, modern kitchen splashbacks have advanced and offer beautiful and eye-catching printed glass splashbacks you would be thrilled to make a part of your decor. Also, there is a wide variety of materials available, as splashbacks are available in sheets of glass, tiles, acrylic, and stainless steel for your bespoke kitchen splashback.

Out of all the material options available, glass is the most favoured, and we at Ideal Glass will deliver your custom kitchen splashback that will suit your taste and complement your home’s decor.

Transform Your Cooking Space with Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

You might wonder how a glass splashback for your kitchens is more beneficial than those made of tiles or any other material. With tiles, you could be shelling your hard-earned money on detergents and other essential cleaning materials, as tile crevices will allow dirt and moisture to settle in and multiply. It could become challenging to clean between those gaps and lines. With a kitchen glass splashback, you avoid all of these hassles.

Glass is a waterproof material. Thus, it will never allow water, dirt, air, or moisture to seep through and reach your walls. With the help of glass kitchen splashbacks, you protect your walls and eliminate the worry of bacteria and fungi thriving underneath. Moreover, glass is easier to clean with just one wipe giving you the security and peace of mind of an overall hygienic and germ-free kitchen environment.

You can now end your search if you want to install kitchen glass splashbacks near me. Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd have a range of kitchen splashbacks of high specs, premium quality, and budget-friendly prices. Our workshop specialists have years of expertise and excellence in designing and delivering exactly what you want.

Once you connect with us, our experts will provide a free site visit and consult you, considering your requirements and budget. You could decide on a digitally printed glass splashback or a specific colour or pattern – the choice is yours. We also provide free samples to make the selection process easier. We provide custom, made-to-measure, and modern glass kitchen splashbacks to fit in your power sockets, plugs, window reveals, taps, etc.

Toughened Glass Kitchen Splashbacks, UK

We know that glass kitchen splashbacks require low maintenance, are easier to clean, and aid in sanitation. But did you know that they are fire and heat-resistant too? We proudly design and deliver nothing but toughened glass splashbacks at Ideal Glass & Glazing. You could spill hot or boiling food on the splashback without worry, as it has resistance-holding properties. Investing in toughened glass for the kitchen or tempering glass is a winning situation due to its non-flammable nature.

A toughened glass kitchen splashback is about five times stronger and more durable than a regular and fragile glass sheet. If you have kids, you don’t have to stress over them throwing or smashing things here and there, as the glass will not break. The toughened glass is also available in various colour schemes and patterns. So, let us know whether you would like a black toughened glass splashback or a white toughened glass splashback.

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Why Choose Bespoke Kitchen Splashbacks?

Glass is a decorative material to ornate in your kitchen or any corner of the house. It sparkles, reflects, and illuminates the space, working well for a gloomy kitchen in natural and artificial lighting. A glass splashback for kitchens is a luxurious and sophisticated interior decor addition that you must consider.

Apart from the multiple advantages of cleanliness, affordable kitchen glass splashbacks are every homeowner’s go-to option due to their excellent versatility. You can select any shape, size, design, colour, or pattern and get creative with it. Get experimental with it, and it will exude an aesthetic appeal that matches or contrasts with your home’s entire colour scheme.

After a long hectic day, call Ideal Glass & Glazing today to surround yourself with a cosy and warm ambience of mosaics or a relaxing printed glass decor with a glossy and polished shine for a hot meal!

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