Outdoor Glass Balustrade

Do you have a beautiful balcony or terrace on your office premises that could let your employees steal a minute or two from their busy schedules to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views? But instead, did you decide to have brick walls or pillars layered in cement on the outside that obstruct the views? Similarly, like you, many homeowners or business owners ruin the otherwise calming and serene garden patios or decks by installing brick walls that would hurt its beauty and darken the entire area! Our simple question to all of you is – WHY? When we have external glass balustrades as a better option!

An outdoor glass balustrade is a channel of several glass panels arranged as evenly spaced out columns that are connected and supported by a handrail on the top to decorate the extended block of your property. These expansive outdoor glass balustrade systems not only create a lucrative curb appeal for your property but also dismiss the worry of being unable to relish a clear site!

At Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd, we manufacture, design and install premium and top-quality outdoor glass balustrades. An outdoor glass balustrade near me or elsewhere in your surroundings acts as a strong barrier fence, boosting the safety and security of yourself and your loved ones. Our Ideal Glass workshop experts go beyond delivering an inferior quality glass material and make sure to use only tempered, toughened, impact-resistant glasses.

Outdoor railings are versatile and can be used in multiple places such as balconies, patios, porches, roof terraces, external staircases and swimming pool surrounds. Our qualified team at Ideal Glass can deliver a range of bespoke designs of customised sizes and styles to suit your requirements. Whether you require a framed, semi-frameless or external frameless glass balustrade – we will supply the best one to you!

Balcony Glass Balustrade

How soothing would it be to get out of your compact room or cluttered desk at work on a windy afternoon and gaze at the sky? Add a table and chair and protect your surrounding with toughened glass for the balcony – and there you go! A change in ambience can work wonders in speeding up your procrastinated work! There is no doubt about how glass can instantly light up an entire room or space and make a basic or simple furnishing look classy and sleek! This is the very reason why you must consider installing a balcony glass balustrade now if you haven’t ever!

With our 20 years of experience, our professionals at Ideal Glass hold an impressive portfolio backed by happy and satisfied clientele; you will never have to worry about the quality. Also, we strictly adhere to the British Standard building regulations for the installation process. It takes us about 10-15 days from the booking date to install your perfect external glass balustrade just as you desired! Furthermore, if you are worried about the balcony glass balustrade prices, you shouldn’t be as our quotations are incredibly affordable.

Frameless glass balustrades for the balcony are quite the trend nowadays, as they offer a magnificent and luxe look. Also, they match up in terms of functionality and durability as any other glass balustrade design. So what are you waiting for? Call our glass experts today!

Decking Glass Balustrade

Have you recently bought and moved into your new home and are planning to host a housewarming party for your friends? What perfect place to unwind and savour than the decking area? You could easily spend the entire evening around a barbecue with a chilled glass of wine. But wait a minute, did you mention earlier that the outside space of your premises lacks a decking glass balustrade? We are sure you weren’t aware that a low-cost investment for installing a glass balustrade on decking would enhance your property, increase its visual and financial appeal and create room for additional space and light!

Suppose you are convinced and are looking for a reliable and specialist decking and glass balustrade company to install a glass balustrade for decking near me. In that case, Ideal Glass and Glazing ltd have to be your only choice! Our skilled and seasoned workshop manager will offer a free site visit, examine and learn your requirements and offer the most suitable and comfortable solutions. We are certified under the CSCS scheme, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of our services!

Even though we specifically use toughened glass panels for decking as they do not scratch or chip and will last for years, we also provide a variety of tailor-made glasses and services! If you wish to enjoy the perfect lounging experience, our experts can install a glass balustrade for decking with LED lights!

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