Small Decorative Partitions

Small Decorative Partitions in the UK


Glass partitions, as an interior design inclusion, have always received positivity from architects, designers, and property owners as it is a sleek and elegant addition. It’s easy to install and requires minimal to zero maintenance. It uplifts the look and feel of a room by illuminating the space and allowing access to natural light. Moreover, it also makes a small or large room or corner feel more spacious. Apart from the aesthetics, people often invest in laminated, toughened, glazed, heat and fire-resistant glass partitions to enjoy the functional benefits it offers. But did you know you could now take your styling and designing game to a whole new level by installing decorative partitions?

They serve a similar purpose to a plain glass separator for dividing rooms, living areas, office cubicles, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, residential shower areas, etc. But if you want to add a panache and artsy touch, small decorative partitions are your ideal solution. We understand that designing a small decorative partition wall could be challenging. Thus, if you want a piece of quality art on your toughened glass panel, it is time to turn to Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd. Our specialists will not let you down, and if you are concerned about the prices since decorative partition walls are often perceived as a high-end product – don’t be. As with our experts, you receive only the best rates and quotes you would be comfortable with.

Small decorative glass panels add charm and aesthetic appeal and ensure privacy and make smaller or compartmentalised spaces look roomy and airy. If you own a small start-up firm, you could add a designer and a small decorative office partition. This way, you can ensure a clear and organised workflow and allow your employees to work in a less-cramped and breathable workplace. Or how about a decorative room partition to let you enjoy a separate changing space or tiny study? Whatever your wish and requirement, and however you like to custom-make these gorgeous glass shields, we are just one call away to assist.

Decorative Room Dividers with Custom Design

Decorative room dividers are beautiful to and add a spectacular element to a room. If you are wondering how to add this “wow” factor to your homes and offices, then here is a list of custom room divider partitions you can install and enhance your lifestyle:

  1. Textured Glass Partitions: A textured or patterned glass divider is a type of decorative glass sheet which is made by patterns or designs impressed upon the glass surface. Vertical textured grooves are referred to as Fluted glass partitions and are a popular choice amongst interior designers for offices and industries. These could be your best investment if you are looking for a decorative yet cheap room divider in the UK.
  2. Frosted Glass Partitions: These glass dividers are curated by sandblasting or acid-etching transparent glass sheets to render 10-20 percent opacity without obstructing the light channel completely. These are the perfect choice for private and medical offices to ensure privacy.
  3. Stained Glass Partitions: A stained or colourful partition is a modern room divider for those who want to add a fun and quirky decorative element to their rooms. You can either add a single block of colour matching or in contrast to your property. Or you can use coloured pieces of glasses set in a pattern and designed as per your bespoke requirements. With Ideal Glass, you are sure to receive only high-quality room dividers.
  4. LED Glass Partitions: If you want to further enhance and captivate your decor and furnishing, you can do so with the help of colourful and functional LED lights attached to your decorative glass room dividers.

So, what are the waiting and delay for? Custom decorative dividers are an exquisite and luxe feature to augment the beauty of your home. As the top manufacturer and supplier of designer room dividers in the UK. Connect with us, our specialists, to make your property stand out.

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