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If bathroom renovation has been on your wishlist for a while, you must thoroughly consider all your options before committing to something forever. What would you prefer – a tiny bathtub in a cramped-up space or a standalone shower that offers space, elegance, and easy access? Of course, that latter! After a long day, who wouldn’t love to relax and bathe in rainfall from walk-in bath showers or steam baths? Walk in bathroom showers are a raging trend nowadays for the right reasons! Whether you have a vintage or modern home, a walk-in bath shower can easily fit any bathroom style and add elegance.

Even a small bathroom walk-in shower is a more versatile and customisable option as it is not confined to a particular dimension you would otherwise require for a bathtub. These also make perfect space to create an enclosure. These are also easier to clean with zero curves and crevices and only flat surfaces. Senior walk-in showers are an excellent bathroom remodelling choice as they provide greater accessibility. Walk-in showers for the elderly give mobility to those in wheelchairs, making them hassle-free.

Whether you are looking for large walk-in showers or small walk-in showers with a particular style and design, with Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd, all your requirements will be met with quality service.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures


If you want further reduced shower space, quadrant shower enclosures would be the best choice. Quadrant shower enclosures involve standalone showers with two straight glass shields on the sides and a slightly curved frontage. These are often referred to as luxury frameless quadrant shower enclosures because of how snugly they fit in almost any space yet exude a sophisticated and sleek visual treat.

If you are struggling to make space for a shower, with the help of our experts at Ideal Glass, we can provide a made-to-measure and best quadrant shower enclosure in any corner and of any design, leaving you with ample space for a relaxing shower. These shower units are space-saving and easy-clean quadrant shower enclosures with minimal maintenance. So, what are you waiting for? Get a cheap single door quadrant shower enclosure at a premium quality with us.

Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures

When everyone is running after a space-saving shower experience, an offset quadrant shower enclosure allows you to save space and enjoy a heightened shower indulgence. The shower units stand out from the others by demonstrating a classier look as they are oblong, with one corner rounded off.

As the leading supplier at Ideal Glass & Glazing Ltd., you will never have to worry about receiving a cheap offset shower enclosure as we bring forth the best materials, glasses and specialists to look after your needs. We provide toughened, top-quality, durable, value-for-money frameless offset quadrant shower enclosures.

Getting the best offset quadrant shower enclosures is just one call away. Connect with us and enjoy a luxury shower experience.

Walk-in Shower Cubicles, UK

Have you refrained from taking showers at odd hours because it makes a mess? Is it because the shower water seeps into the dry toilet and vanity area? If yes, you don’t have to run away from showers but opt for a smarter, more convenient, and feasible solution: to install walk-in shower cubicles.

Separating the wet and dry zones, a small shower cubicle or large walk-in shower cubicle, depending on the size and style, acts as an excellent glass divider. It makes extra room for a relaxing bath and eliminates the possibility of dirt building up, making it highly durable with low maintenance and easier clean-ups.

It’s not always necessary for your shower to have doors. One or two glass shields for doorless walk in shower cubicles add a style statement and provide easier accessibility. Hence, we spoil you with choices if you are looking for a walk-in shower cubicle with seats or a double walk-in shower cubicle at Ideal Glass & Glazing.

Square Shower Enclosures

With so many choices, picking one shower enclosure style can be overwhelming. But, a square shower enclosure is one of the most preferred and popular among homeowners in the UK. A simple square walk-in shower enclosure can fit evenly into any corner of the wetroom, with four equal-sized glass panels on each side, no matter the design and style of your home.

If you are looking for an affordable square corner shower enclosure, you shouldn’t, as this will leave you with a poor-quality product. The primary material of these enclosures is glass. At Ideal Glass and Glazing Ltd, we furnish you with the finest and top-quality glass that is toughened, cannot break easily, and creates an illusion of space. Our design team will deliver if you have any other requirements, such as frameless square shower enclosures.

With our expert services, you can take your perfect shower experience to another level by installing a square shower enclosure with a tray. A shower creates a sleek and stylish area for the enclosures, and we have an array of colours, textures, and made-to-measure sizes for you to select from.

Rectangle Shower Enclosures

If you do not want a curved or rounded shower front, a rectangular shower enclosure could be your best choice. Rectangle shower enclosures are ideal for irregularly shaped bathrooms. These are not perfectly shaped square units, with longer side walls and shorter end walls, so they make the most desired choice for those homeowners who want additional shower space.

Without restriction on dimensions and ample space, these enclosures spoil you with sliding, folding doors and colour options. How about a black rectangular shower enclosure? Ideal Glass is a leading and trusted manufacturer and supplier of frameless rectangular shower enclosures in the UK. Connect with us for a lavish-looking yet minimalist enclosure installation.


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If you want to give your wetrooms a new look and design with a minimal touch, installing the best walk-in Shower enclosures could be the best choice. Shower enclosures are not just about fashion but also great functionality! Depending on the wetroom layout, a curved walk-in shower enclosure is made of large glass panes or a single glass sheet. These glass panels contain a framed or frameless walk-in shower enclosure encircling the shower area.

Even a small walk-in shower enclosure can aesthetically elevate the wet room, making it look spacious. The glass cubicle will only add grace to your interiors and add value to your home due to its light-reflective properties. Moreover, the glass panel prevents water from spraying outside the shower space, keeping your wet room clutter-free and clean.

Walk-in showers provide excellent accessibility, and at Ideal Glass, we also provide walk-in showers with seats for senior citizens. We use premium quality materials and glass panes to ensure you receive only high quality walk-in shower enclosures under our services. You don’t have to worry about the expenses as we design and deliver cheap walk-in shower enclosures at low quotations.

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